June 14, 2007

Ravens Voluntary Mini-Camp Actually Voluntary

The Baltimore Sun reported today that 11 players did not attend the Ravens voluntary mini-camp today. That, in and of itself, is not shocking. What is surprising is that Billick himself did not attend, instead leaving "head coach" responsibilities to Rex Ryan. For once, a voluntary mini-camp is actually voluntary! Ryan, the Ravens DC, said, "This is a voluntary camp. We don't look down on the people who are not here."

blahblahblahblablahblah Brian Billick as a contestant on Match Game 1977

Don't think this lax approach to training is coincidental. The mini-camp is the last before camp actually convenes on July 29 in Westminster, MD. A clear message was sent to the salary cap casualties entering the market on July 1: we aren't going to kick your ass in training camp. (Hear that Priest Holmes?) Maybe when they have five offers on the table, they'll consider the contender in a moderate climate with a professional training camp.

The Sun also reported on Billick's last message to players before camp starts in earnest. He asked players to stay in shape and stay out of trouble.

5 Responses:

Brien said...

Come on, let's not pretend that you're anything but a Ravens apologist. If Billick had ripped every player who didn't show up, you'd be praising the work ethic that the Ravens demand from their players. You'd say that the Ravens don't want the sort of player who chooses his team in free agency based on leniency (look where that got Steve Spurrier).

Basically, mini camp is a joke, and it's only because of the over-exposure of the NFL that we're even talking about who showed up.

J-Red said...

So how am I a Ravens apologist (which I am) because I am applauding the Ravens for treating mini-camp like the joke it is?

And you forget that the Ravens' biggest needs are DL and OL. Of course I am going to support giving those fatboys the impression of leniency.

Brien said...

I'm saying that your position (mini camp is a joke) is the correct one, but you believe it just because that happens to be the Ravens' position, not on the merits. If the Ravens did the opposite, you'd be justifying their actions and claiming that it's the only way to run a football team.

J-Red said...

If the Ravens were the ONLY team, of 32, to pretend like mini-camp matters, then yeah I would pretend it was the only way to run a football team. That's not the case here. Your argument seems to be "You're right, but you're only arguing because it's the Ravens." My response is....yeah, so what?

J-Red said...

And where are my props for finding my Brian Billick pic from 30 years ago? With the right hair dye and stylist, he'd have become Mel Kiper, Jr.

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