June 12, 2007

Interleague No-Hitters

AL 2, NL 1. And six NL pitchers had to combine for that one.

6 Responses:

Jeremy said...

I was at Camden Yards last night. There was some lovely American League dominance that took place. Oh, wait, Washington plays in the National League this go-round. Never mind.

Cabrera should probably stop getting behind batters and telegraphing his fastball. He made the Nats look like the '88 A's last night.

And you were using a former Nats minor leaguer as your STARTING CATCHER? Jeebus. Ryan Langerhans stole second like an SUV on North Avenue. If we didn't have a four run lead, you would've seen Nook Logan take second and third.

J-Red said...

The word dominance has no place in any discussion of the Orioles and Nationals.

On a related note, I called the bases-empty bottom-of-the-ninth Miguel Tejada shot last night. Four runs down, nobody on, way too late to start trying to comeback...of course he'll homer.

michael said...

Is that the "Alex Rodriguez Memorial Award" given to Tejada for his performance last night?

J-Red said...

That award belongs in Oriole hands. I was very disappointed when the Rafael Palmeiro Award was renamed the Alex Rodriguez Award, but after Alex had a few walk-offs this year, I think we can safely rename it the Miguel Tejada Award.

Jeremy said...

I think we may also need a Tony Batista Memorial Award for either of the two things:

1) Most fucked up batting stance, or;

2) Most likely to do only one of the following two things, and nothing else. Either a) ground into double play, or; b) hit the ball 420 feet, or;

3) Most funny Youtube clip of scaring the hell out of a Japanese League pitcher by pretending to charge the mound after being hit by a pitch.

J-Red said...

Tony Batista cannot win weirdest batting stance. Brewer Craig Counsell (who looked quite foolish last night against Verlander in the 9th) wins hands down. Counsell's stance looks exactly like Don Flamenco from Mike Tyson's PunchOut.

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