August 8, 2007


(SAN FRANCISCO - ECB WIRE SERVICES) - The Washington Nationals earned a hard-fought victory last night, coming from behind to beat the San Francisco Giants 8-6, and moved out of last place in the NL East for the first time since early April.

The Nats fell behind 2-0 in the second inning. After the Nats scored three in the top of the third to take the lead, the Giants scored another two in the bottom of the third to regain the lead. The Nats pushed across one more run in the top of the fourth to tie the game. The Giants scored a run in the bottom of the fifth inning on a home run by Barry Bonds to take the lead. The game was delayed for some time immediately after Bonds' home run while an unruly Mets fan (as if there's any other type) was removed from the stadium surrounded by a phalanx of security. The Giants earned an insurance run in the bottom of the seventh to earn what seemed to be an insurmountable two-run lead at 6-4. Alas, it was not to be, as the Nats had a monster eighth inning, scoring four runs, bringing the score to 8-6. The wild game saw four lead changes, ultimately ending in a Nationals victory.

Jon Rauch and Chad Cordero pitched another two solid scoreless innings out of the bullpen, lending credence to those Nats fans who believed it would be a horrible move to trade them. The surprising Chris Schroder earned the win, and actually raised his ERA to 1.47 by giving up one run over two innings.

The Nats win, combined with the Marlins loss, leaves the Nationals tied for fourth place with the Marlins. The Nationals now have 52 wins on the season, tying their win total with the Marlins, Orioles and White Sox. The 52 wins are more than the Devil Rays, Royals, Rangers, Cardinals, Astros, Reds, Pirates, and Giants. The Nats now only need 11 more wins in their remaining 49 games to avoid what all baseball pundits preordained; that the team would be historically bad and achieve 100 losses on the season.

When asked to comment on the Nats surprising record in the standings following Tuesday's game, Giants slugger Barry Bonds adamantly declared, "This record is not tainted at all. At all. Period. You guys can say whatever you want."

3 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Effing priceless. Well done.

Dave said...

This is brilliant.

If only the national media would report on the actual game, instead of that B*nds guy and his solo dinger.

Incidentally, B*nds was removed from the game in the top of the sixth, after taking the field. Must've pulled up lame or something, what with all those over-bulked muscles of his.

J-Red said...

I really wish the Nats had lived up to expectations this year. I feel like baseball needs something truly historic to recapture some of the larger cities that might be on the outside looking in this October.

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