August 10, 2007

Shut Up Navy

All of us who were fortunate enough to be at M&T; Stadium in September '05 for the reincarnation of the Maryland-Navy rivalry knew that we were seeing something great that should have happened every season. The Maryland student section, never known for anything resembling class (and damn proud of it) stood and applauded as the Middies entered the stadium in formation. The game was well-played and a nail-biter down to the final minutes of the game. It was a packed house and a hell of a way to start the season.

So as soon as Maryland has an opening in our schedule to start the season in 2010 we're going to see this game again because Navy as an independent has nothing but openings in their schedule except for games against Army and Air Force, right? WRONG.

Apparently the folks over in the Naval Academy Athletic Department are pissed at Maryland. They feel that Maryland backed out of an opportunity to play Navy last year in the Meineke Car Care Bowl when Navy had already accepted a bid and the Bowl was looking for an ACC opponent for Navy. Instead of accepting the opportunity to play Navy, Maryland accepted the bid from the Champs Sports Bowl.

Admittedly, Maryland did turn down an opportunity to play Navy. But let's look at this closer. First off, Maryland turned down a bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a bowl in Orlando, Florida. A bowl game is a reward for players and fans. Which player and/or fan would turn down a trip to Florida for a trip to Charlotte? The Queen City is pretty cool, don't get me wrong. But Florida in December... yeah, take that option. Secondly, the Meineke Car Care Bowl is the sixth-best bowl game tied into the ACC. The Champs Sports Bowl is the fourth-best bowl game tied into the ACC. So Navy is pissed at Maryland for turning down the fourth-best game for the opportunity to go to the sixth-best game in a crappier venue with less national media coverage? Makes sense. Thirdly, the Champs Sports Bowl offered Maryland the unique opportunity to play the fourth-best Big 10 school, which does not arise very often. Maryland figured that they would be able to schedule Navy shortly down the line. They would not be able to schedule a solid Big 10 team down the line for quite some time.

But, according to Navy, Maryland spurned Navy's invitation to play them last December and there will be no rematch in 2010 as of now. Because, really, who wouldn't turn down the opportunity to play in a better bowl game, with more national exposure, against a team who actually plays in a conference, in a better place to play, for the opportunity to play independent Navy in a crappy bowl game with absolutely zero national exposure in Charlotte in December?

Navy AD... why don't you go out and borrow a Y Chromosome from some of your male or "female" Middies? Quit whining, shut up, and get over it.

12 Responses:

seth said...

Amen. There is something we can all agree on.

J-Red said...

Thanks, I forgot how much that article had pissed me off when I read it. Who would think that the Navy AD would be a whiny pussy who has no understanding of how you decide what bowl to attend?

Rule #1 of Bowl Game Selection: Not Charlotte.

USNA said...

seems to me we've got one of if not the best AD in the country and one of if not the BEST coach in the country, We've been to 4 straight bowl games and probable look forward to #5 this year, one reason being -in addition to record- the fact that we deliver spectators, as well as the spectacular. NAVY has led the nation in ground yardage for how many years ! AND we are consistantly one of the top schools in the country in graduating student-athletes ... in 4 years with no phys-ed majors !!

If memory serves back when we played md. on a regular basis, it was the whiny maryland pussies who started riots after the games ... but never finished them. Their "antics", as feeble as they were, are the reason the games were not renewed.

We don't need you ! And we won't have to feed your coach !

Anonymous said...

You people are way off. The whole point behind Chet's comments was to tell Debbie Yow to go screw herself after she took the game negotiations to the press. Yow tried to pressure Gladchuk by coming out to the media and saying that Navy was dragging their feet, and if they didn't make a decision soon that she was going to look elsewhere. Chet's response is basically, "screw you, we'll take as long as we damn well please. You aren't going to pressure me like that." All the crap he said was strictly a message to Debbie. I doubt he believes half of it, and a seriously I doubt he cares what Maryland fans think anyway.

seth said...

Oh wow, leading the country in ground yardage? Where have you finished in your conference the past few years? Nice, the top of the independents! 4 straight bowl games! Charlotte must have been great!

Jeremy said...

Wow... Navy fan over here talking smack. Hey, congrats on that Commander in Chief trophy the past few years. Talk about winning something by default. I think that taking a gold medal at the Special Olympics is more of an accomplishment than winning that trophy the past few years. It'll be interesting to see how well you compete when you recruit quarterbacks to the Academy who aren't rapists. Oh, and also congrats on that running game. Really. So we'll see you in 2010?

Jeremy said...

Oh, and I do have much love for the Naval Academy, my numerous friends who are Middies, and alums of the school. But this issue really burns me in exactly the same way that Georgetown ducking Maryland at basketball does. Each would be a fantastic rivalry that us Terp fans would love to get off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Your "much love" is akin to when someone says, "I'm not racist, I have black friends!" Way to take the high road with your (ill-informed) "rapist" comment, by the way. That was a nice touch. I really don't think you want to start comparing police blotters between the two teams, as if that had anything to do with the matter at hand.

USNA said...

Boo hoo, jeremy ! like we -or anyone else- really give a damn whether "... this issue really burns ... [you]". But why should it "burn you" that you can't play a team whose accomplishments amount -according to your sorry ass- less than a gold medal in the Special Olympics [actually, it kind of shows your mentality ["your mentality" would constitute an inherent contradiction] to denigrate the Special Olympics ... but then again, consider the source ! Like I said before, we don't need you and I hope Chet sticks with his position ... and if " ... [you] do have much love for the Naval Academy, my numerous friends who are Middies, and alums [of whom I am an old one] ..." you would know that "Middies" is a description used by Mothers, drags [many of whom attend UM and date Midshipmen by choice/necessity, rather than neanderthals from college park], and uninformed others.

Additionally, unless I missed something, regardless of his obvious lack of discretion, I thought Lamar Owens was found innocent of that charge ... I would hazard a guess that there are far more incidents of sexual misconduct at UM than at USNA, not that that fact excuses even one incident at either ... but then, maybe your comment was directed more to the fact that he is an Afro-American than anything else.

Insofar as seth is concerned, along with the "top of the independents" [which btw is not a conference -but since you are a UM apologist, I guess we'll just have to ignore your unfounded arrogance and obvious stupidity- there have been a couple of National rankings.

J-Red said...

I'm not getting into this pissing battle, but I would point out that there certainly are more sexual assault incidents at Maryland (25,373 students, 49% female) than at the Naval Academy (4,479, 19% female).

seth said...

Please don't be so ignorant as to think that I didn't know "indepedents" was not the name of a conference. But if you do look at standings each year, at least on, it does list standings for all teams considered "independent." Thanks for the lesson though, it must have been clear that I needed it.

J-Red said...

From Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun:

• Playing grown-up: The Naval Academy is hesitant to play a regular-season game against Maryland because the Terps opted for a different bowl opponent in December? This is playground posturing at its best, and you'd prefer to think that the leaders at esteemed institutions of higher learning could do better. Navy should settle this silly squabble the same way the Terps chose their bowl opponent: Ask the players what they prefer. If you're mad at Maryland, a bigger statement could be made on the football field.

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