August 9, 2007

Maryland Must Be a Good School

We might not be have become Lefty Driesell's UCLA of the East, but we have apparently achieved Sandy Mack's vision of becoming the Harvard of the South (leaving the argument for whether Maryland is in the South for another day).

According the Baltimore Sun, Terps' redshirt freshman RB Pha'Terrell Washington and FS Taji Thornton are both missing fall camp due to academic ineligibility. Here's some inside info: Maryland's fall semester starts on the last Thursday in August, meaning their seasons hinge on their Summer Session II grades.

The pair, of course, join Jared Gaither, the LT who entered the NFL Supplemental Draft after becoming academically ineligible to remain on the team. Gaither landed with the Ravens, where he has people very excited that the Ravens might have replaced (and I use that word intentionally to indicate he may be as good as) Jon Ogden while spending only a 5th round pick in 2008.

3 Responses:

J-Red said...

And yes, I realize that Maryland could just be recruiting dumb kids, aka South Carolina castoffs. I also realize that I compared Maryland to Harvard with a straight face, which should have indicated there was some tongue-in-cheek humor.

That being said, Maryland is a very good school, especially for engineering, journalism, hard science and computer science. That also might explain the paucity of hot chicks...

Jeremy said...

I'm naming my first born son Pha'Terrell. I bet he'd get some strange looks in his Hebrew school class.

I don't think that the admissions standards for football players is rising at the same pace the admissions standards for the rest of the university is. Rather, I think that the recent success of our football team has allowed us to recruit football talent that otherwise would've never given us the time of day in years past. However, unfortunately football smarts doesn't always correlate to book smarts. I personally am comfortable keeping some admissions standards for our football players. I'd hate to be like Clemson and have no admissions standards AND have a shitty football team.

J-Red said...

Well played sir. I think I read too much Nation of Islam Sportsblog sir.

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