October 10, 2007

Official Mascot of ECB

I am proud to present my nominee for the official mascot of ECB. He has a great name, and more than a little talent.

The quarterback of a team which has only punted 8 times through 6 games, he has rushed for 100 yards in 4 of his team's 6 games this year, averaging 5.6 ypc, with at least one TD in every game. His first name translates to Untamed Waters from the Hawaiian. When necessary, he can pass as well, 9-12 for 166 yds and 2 TD in his last game. The junior QB has a better passer rating than the Alabama starting QB, in spite of all the hits he takes at 5'11" 194 lbs. He is on track for a 1,000 yd, 15 TD rushing season, in spite of 6 other players on the team having over 100 yds rushing this year. His team has not scored less than 24 points in any game this year, and has scored 38 (in regulation) against the 9th ranked defense in the country. His record is 12-4 as a starter in spite of lesser talent. Isn't the option a beautiful thing? (I might be slightly biased in this pick for a couple reasons.)

A future Marine, my nominee is Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada (pronunciation: Kye-poe No-uh Kah-he-Ah-koo en-Ha-dah).

If the mascot must be a battering ram, I nominate the Navy fullback Kettani. As a reminder, J-Red's nominee was Jehuu Caulcrick.

13 Responses:

J-Red said...

Pronunciation guide please, so I can feel more authoritative when I tell others about him.

J-Red said...

Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada

Kye-poe No-uh Kah-he-ah-koo En-Ha-Dah?

I know I could turn ESPN on and let Lou Holtz tell me, but I'm playing NCAA '08.

J-Red said...

Why Dave Wannstedt isn't an NFL coach anymore:

Down 48-45 in 2nd OT, 4th and goal from the 2. Navy is tired, and undersized, and McCoy, Pitt's RB, is very strong.

Wannstedt calls two-TE I-form, one WR each side, and throws a fade pattern. ON FOURTH DOWN. IN OVERTIME. DOWN THREE.

Guess who their OC is? Matt Cavanaugh, formerly the genius behind the Ravens scheme.

Russell said...

They also threw on 3rd down from the 2. Never mind that running the ball is how they scored 45 in the first place.

The pronunciation you provided is correct. I will add it.

"ben" said...

The good news is I have LeSean "Shady" McCoy in my NCAA keeper league. So I vote for McCoy.

J-Red said...

Too bad Wannstedt and Cavanaugh didn't vote for McCoy on 3rd and 4th and goal from the two in 2OT last night.

J-Red said...

And Ben, I *might* have picked Caulcrick just to piss you off.

J-Red said...

My only complaint about Kaheaku-Enhada is that he won't be playing in the NFL ever. I think it's important that our official mascot be a fourth round-ish pick who goes on to big things, or at least TJ Duckett things.

Russell said...

The Pats did pick up Kyle Eckel this year after he served his time. Granted, Kaipo's size doesn't bring quite the same range of options. I'll keep my eyes open.

How many 4th round picks go on to do great things in the NFL? The Skins with their love of drafting young players usually don't even sign the second day players.

J-Red said...

If I was on maternity leave, I'd provide you with a humongous list of Pro Bowlers taken in the fourth round. Alas, I don't work for Elias or Stats, Inc.

I guarantee that there have been at least five second-day picks in every Pro Bowl since 1995.

Priest Holmes and Bart Scott were undrafted and Adalius Thomas was a 6th rounder. Those are just the Ravens I know off the top of my head. Matt Stover was a 12th rounder, because he's that fucking old.

"ben" said...

J-Red, since you know so much about Michigan, I'm sure you are familiar with the UM-MSU dynamic. For the most part, UM looks at MSU as its little brother. So we don't hate MSU, we just like to pick on them and laugh at them.

Therefore, picking Caulcrick doesn't piss me off at all. It makes me a little proud, actually.

And please, let's not forget Tom Brady was taken with the last pick in Round 6.

J-Red said...

I thought maybe that dynamic would shift now that MSU looks like they might be better than Michigan for the first time since Jeff Smoker was handing off to TJ Duckett.

Russell's shifting sands argument is now that he meant ONLY the 4th round.

Since 1995, you might have heard of these fellows:

Pete Mitchell, Donnie Edwards, Jon Runyan, Derrick Mason, Marcus Robinson, Ryan Tucker, Albert Connell (he was good for ten minutes), Az-Zahir Hakim, Joe Salave'a, Jason Fabini, Shawn Barber, Tim Dwight, Lance Schulters, Brandon Stokley, Warrick Holdman, Roosevelt Colvin, Dexter Jackson, Wali Rainer, Edwin Mulitalo, Aaron Brooks, Josh Bidwell, Na'il Diggs, Brandon Short, Peter Sirmon, Bill Gramatica (I'm smiling too), Rudi Johnson, Ryan Diem, Correll Buckhalter, Justin McCareins, Edgerton Hartwell, Brandon Manumaleuna, David Garrard, Randy McMichael, Kevin Curtis, Larry Foote, Najeh Davenport, Shaun McDonald, Jarret Johnson, Terrence McGee, Asante Samuel, Brandon Lloyd, Jerricho Cotchery, Will Allen, Robert Geathers, Marion Barber III, Kerry Rhodes, Jason Brown, Owen Daniels, Ko Simpson, Leon Washington, Demetrius Williams, Adam Podlesh, Le'Ron McClain.

Ok, Russell is right. That's a pretty weak ass round considering I've heard of a lot of the busts.

"ben" said...

JRed said: I thought maybe that dynamic would shift now that MSU looks like they might be better than Michigan for the first time since Jeff Smoker was handing off to TJ Duckett.

Hahaha! That's EXACTLY the kind of thinking that Sparty does that makes the dynamic tick. First of all, just because they win every once in a while doesn't meany they are actually better. When you win at home needing an extra second (by the way, I'm the ONE Michigan fan who doesn't think MSU cheated in that game) how much better are you really?

And when you get to 4-0 by beating nobody, you don't scare Michigan. They get pumped up all the time only to fold, often with a loss to UM, too. I'm not guaranteeing a win, but I'm predicting one.

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