October 9, 2007

Week 5 ATS NFL Picks Results

As you can see, Brien's "pick against Russell" policy was the way to go this week. He instructed me in advance to pick against Russell on his behalf, no matter what Russell picked. Likewise, Magic 8 Ball was wise to steer clear of Jeremy this week. J-Red did well straight up, but didn't account for VY shitting the bed in Atlanta (and only winning by 7) and the Ravens being forced to play 4 rookies on offense for three quarters of the game (and, at times, five) due to OL injuries.


Russell (1-4-0) - DAL, NO, SF, SEA, TB
Jeremy (1-3-1) - ARI, BAL, GB, KC, NYG
Magic 8 (4-0-1) - CHI, JAX, NYG, SF, STL
J-Red (2-3-0) - BAL, IND, NYJ, PIT, TEN
Brien (4-1-0) - BAL, BUF, CAR, IND, PIT


Magic 8 (14-7-4) - .640
Brien (14-11-0) - .560
Jeremy (12-9-4) - .560
J-Red (11-13-1) - .460
Russell (9-15-1) - .380

3 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Screw it... I'm betting with a Magic 8 ball from now on. Starting to prove that human thought can be damaging to the gambling process.

Russell said...

Brien's strategy would have been a good choice most weeks this season. I haven't exactly been dominant so far.

J-Red said...

Umm, it was a good choice this week too.

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