October 12, 2007

Phoenix is Atlanta West? AAAA Baseball.

From ESPN.com:

Though the official attendance was 48,142, when the first pitch was thrown, there were thousands of empty seats, an embarrassment for a championship series game. Most of the seats were eventually filled, but that didn't mean the scalpers were having much success.

It's one thing to win a Ben MacDonald-sized handful of division titles and get complacent, as the Braves did, but it's another to assume that just because LuGon overcame Byung Young-Kim back in 2001 the Diamondbacks are locks to win every postseason to which they're invited.

Perhaps Monday Night Football starting at 5:30p has made the West Coast complacent. If I'm not mistaken, Arizona observes Pacific Time from "spring ahead" to "fall back" (or, in other words, they are a Mountain Time state that doesn't observe daylight savings, so Pacific Time catches up to them from spring to fall). Unfortunately, we don't fall back until November 4 because of legislation signed last year by President Bush. If D-Back fans are waiting that long to actually show up on time, they had better hope Game 5 (Oct. 29) goes many innings. Games 6 and 7 will be in the AL park, since the AL continued its All-Star Game domination.

On a related note, Game 6 of the World Series is Halloween, a Wednesday. Good work Bud Selig. Parents say kids can't stay up to watch the games these days, and they'll either have the choice of the game starting at 5:05p (Arizona), 6:05p (Colorado), 7:05p or 8:05p (Boston, Cleveland) ON FUCKING HALLOWEEN. Brilliant! I'm sure America's Youth won't have anything else on their minds or in their stomachs.

2 Responses:

"ben" said...

I'm going to take the PTI approach on the attendance and say it's really not that big a deal. A big deal is if the team can't draw at all and support a team during the year (Marlins). But not selling every ticket in the postseason just isn't the end of the world. That's not to say it isn't worth mentioning.

As for Game 6 being on Halloween, it's really easy to avoid. Don't have your god damn World Series possibly stretch into November. IT'S COLD IN NOVEMBER IN THE EAST AND MIDWEST! If they're going to do this, then they need to make Arizona/San Diego/etc. the neutral sites for the World Series.

I know this will never happen: 154 game schedule (or less) and have the World Series end before Michigan plays Ohio State.

Honestly, I'm not even watching baseball postseason this year. There is a very real chance this will be the first World Series I don't watch. Not out of protest. I just don't care.

J-Red said...

I agree on the "just don't care" aspect. Which of these matchups gets you really fired up:

1) Boston v. Colorado
2) Boston v. Arizona
3) Cleveland v. Colorado
4) Cleveland v. Arizona?

Cleveland v. Arizona might be the second worst World Series of all time, behind only Cleveland v. Florida.

Plus, Craig Counsell is with the Brewers now, so that destroys any residual NL interest.

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