October 16, 2007

Week 8 CFB Picks

I won't pull any punches, I was embarassed last week. From the record setting 69-67 basketball score in the WAC to LSU's loss to Cal's brain cramp, I just don't have a good explanation. Some broadcasters have said no one will go undefeated this year. I'm starting to think 2 losses might be good enough for the national championship. But it looks like the BCS isn't broken yet, and the SEC is well-positioned. This is a big "Put up or Shut up" week, with some more marquis games to establish who might be legit.

RUTGERS (+2.5) over South Florida - Rutgers is better than people think, and this spread is fishy after USF opened up a can on UCF. This game will expose USF, or establish their spot in the top 5 as legit.

MISSISSIPPI (+5) over Arkansas - Passing? What's that? Arkansas can't throw the ball, and Ole Miss has enough run D to make them pay. Ole Miss wins.

Kansas (-4) over COLORADO - Best undefeated team no one knows anything about is Kansas. The OU loss will keep them alert and focused on the road.

Tennessee (pk) over ALABAMA - Bama gets caught looking ahead by a surging Vols team.

MISSOURI (-3.5) over Texas Tech - Battle of the spread offenses in the Big 12 goes to Daniel and the Big 12 North champions to be.

Miami (+6) over FSU - Wide right! Take Miami to win.

Florida (-6.5) over KENTUCKY - The Wildcats can't take that kind of beating two weeks in a row. Florida has a much better passing offense than LSU and will take advantage of a feeble UK secondary (see UK-SC game).

Michigan (-2.5) over ILLINOIS - The experience of Henne and Hart wins a close slugfest.

Auburn (+11) over LSU - Everyone still says LSU is the best team in the nation. If they don't throw the ball well on Saturday, Auburn will stuff them like they stuffed Florida and Arkansas. Neither LSU QB has impressed in the air recently.

And of course,
MARYLAND (-5) over Virginia - The home team seems to consistently win by a blowout in this series, except for our ridiculous comeback last year. UVA = Paper Tiger.

Last week: 0-7-1
Season: 19-26-1

2 Responses:

"ben" said...

Despite the great showing of Michigan against Purdue, let us consider the following:

1) Hart is hurt. Whether he plays or not, he limped off the field badly last week.

2) Hello? Spread offense? Night, road game...

I'd take Illinois plus the points.

Russell said...

Already more correct picks than last week and it's only Thursday!

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