November 16, 2007

Bonds Ramifications

Kevin Ryan, the U.S. Attorney who initiated the BALCO investigation but recently resigned, said on ESPN this evening that Bonds could go to trial within 60 days, though his lawyers could drag it out for up to a year.

Here's some advice to Bonds and his legal team: RACE THIS TO TRIAL. The Mitchell Report is looming on the horizon, and while it would be hearsay, it could give the Feds additional avenues of investigation. Plus, when you are dealing with perjury and obstruction of justice, there is almost no such thing as exculpatory evidence. If you can't show you didn't lie before, you likely can't later. On the other hand, evidence that you DID lie may surface.

The Mitchell Report is a wild card in and of itself. If it names a bunch of fan favorites, people will suddenly not be angry anymore. They might still wants Bonds' head so they feel some symbolic cleansing. If it names a bunch of David Seguis and Jay Gibbonses, fans will be full throttle against Bonds and the other lesser victims.

What does Selig do now? He so desperately wanted to make his disdain for Bonds known during the chase, and now he has a legitimate platform to take a real stand. He can vacate the record, reinstating his friend Hank Aaron's number as the official mark. To accomplish that he only has to invalidate any season's total (except the injury shortened 5HR 2005 season). His options are wide open, and he can play wait and see.

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