November 14, 2007

I wish this was made up...

So in keeping with Ben's characterization of me as the Tony Kornheiser of this blog with questionable sports knowledge and way too many pop culture references, I bring you this, out of the gossip section of today's Washington Post:

Boy George was charged with false imprisonment yesterday in London, according to British police. The pop singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, is alleged to have chained a 28-year-old Norwegian man to the wall of his London home in April.

REACT: I'm as big a fan of "Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me" as anybody else... truly a semenal (intentional misspelling) song of the 80s. But wow. Nicely done, Mr. O'Dowd. This will be classified under the subhead of "when fetishes go too far." And seriously... chains? Granted, my only experience with people well-versed in the whole bondage thing was living on the same floor in Ellicott Hall of a guy and girl who used to tie each other up for fun and the whole thing became public in a very embarrassing way (for them, humorous for us). But these people used handcuffs and hankerchiefs. Boy George ain't fooling around using chains. Plus, what exactly did the Norwegian guy fill out on his entry form under the purpose of his visit when he entered UK customs? I suppose "pleasure?" Definitely not "vacation." Maybe "business."

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

Which couple? Feel free to use code words.

Who hasn't tied a girl to the radiator and then left to watch Jeopardy!?

J-Red said...

Maybe it's less common than I thought.

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