November 19, 2007

More on GoalpostGate and The Sun

According to The Sun, the Ravens have begun the formal protest procedure with the NFL. The allegation is not that the call was wrong, but that the officials broke rules in deciding to reverse the call. To wit, Stan White of 98 Rock was close enough to hear the officials conference, and he is certain that the replay official told Pete Morelli that the kick was good, though no images were transmitted.

In other Sunpaper news, I asked columnist/beat reporter Heather Dinich why she had written a Big Ten article when she had been hired for the ACC beat at She told me that not all of the BCS beats had been filled, but she would be on the ACC once they have been.

4 Responses:

Kevin Hayward said...

I only saw this game in the highlights, but what a CRAZY way to end the game. I heard that some of the Ravens had already undressed in the locker room by the time the call had been reversed.

J-Red said...

If that's true, it was only five minutes and Pete Morelli told the crowd that they were discussing the call. How quickly do you need to get undressed?

Jeremy said...

Billick needs to quit whining.

Russell said...

Billick's only whining because he knows his job is on the line, and he needs every W he can get (by hook, crook, or technicality).

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