November 19, 2007

Week 13 CFB Picks

Rivalry week is finally here along with a slew of crucial conference matchups to decide BCS berths. Here are my early picks for you to chew on in anticipation of the best weekend of college football every year.

PAC-10 on Thursday (a little Turkey-Day dessert instead of Colts at Falcons)

ARIZONA STATE (+3.5) over Southern Cal - I haven't been impressed with USC at all in the second half, and I think Arizona State is the more complete football team right now. The coaching matchup between Pete and Dennis will be very intriguing.

Big 12

Missouri (+1.5) over KANSAS - The Curse of #2 Continues! The Tigers' early schedule included road wins over Illinois and Ole Miss, while the Jayhawks' best out-of-conference opponent was Toledo (5-6 in the MAC). Both teams have to play 3 teams from the South: Missouri got OU, TT, and A&M, while KU got Baylor, A&M, and OSU. Add in a little senior leadership from Chase Daniel and that's a Tigers victory. The only ranked team KU has played all year was #24 K St after they beat Texas. The Missouri loss at #6 OU should not make you think KU is better.

TEXAS A&M (+6) over Texas - The Aggies pulled a huge stunner last year, and they might be playing for Francione's job this year. Texas has really struggled to get their W's lately, and this will be no exception.

Oklahoma State (+14) over OKLAHOMA - Bradford is woozy and Murray is out for OU. OSU has gotten much better at the end of the year, and this game always seems to be close. This year should be no exception.


Maryland (pk) over NC STATE - Blind homer pick in the battle for the right to be snubbed by the Emerald Nuts Bowl.

Virginia Tech (-3.5) over VIRGINIA - If the rivalry's not enough motivation, getting back to play BC again should be.


AUBURN (-6) over Alabama - So when Bama hired Saban, they had to be thinking "Thank God we'll never lose to Miss St again..." At least Shula never lost to UL Monroe. Further, after losing to Auburn and in a bowl, they'll have the same record they did last year, 6-7. Ouch.

KENTUCKY (-2) over Tennessee - Senior day for Andre Woodson against a team he's never beaten.

SEC East vs. (over) ACC

Georgia (-3.5) over GEORGIA TECH - The best team in a brutal SEC East against a thoroughly mediocre, middle-of-the-pack ACC team? If you had attended any of the Yellow Jackets' games this year, you would not doubt this assessment.

SOUTH CAROLINA (+2.5) over Clemson - Clemson is falling apart and just had a heartbreaking loss. South Carolina had a bye. The difference in strength of schedule is incredible, and now the Cocks are rested.

VANDERBILT (+2) over Wake Forest - Vandy is playing to be bowl eligible for the first time in forever. Wake's not very good.

Last Week: 1-1
Season: 35-47-5

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