December 27, 2007

Modern Day Sports Fan Rules to Live By

1) Don't try to engage in a publicity stunt if you have a warrant out for your arrest due to a massive arrearage in child support.

Exhibit A - Baltimore Ravens fan (why is THAT not surprising), who in a stunt that unconfirmed sources report was learned from Homer Simpson's hunger strike and chaining himself to centerfield of Springfield Isotopes stadium to protest the team's move to Albuquerque, decides to stay up on a roof of his local watering hole until either a) the Ravens won, or; b) Brian Billick got fired.

Said Ravens fan is now off the roof. Not because the Ravens won. Nor because Billick was fired. But because the Baltimore County Sheriffs Office paid him a visit.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) ― He wanted a Ravens win or Coach Brian Billick to be fired before he came down from the roof. But Ronnie Stach is now off that roof because he has been arrested. Stach was arrested on an outstanding warrant for six months of child support. He was taken to the North Point precinct and is now in the custody of the Baltimore County Sheriff's Office. Stach has been up on the roof of Canton Station for more than two weeks, after a dare by his friend and bar-owner Darren Petty.

Only thing missing are the ever-classy Raven-fan purple camouflage pants. Essex? Arbutus? Take your pick?


Nicely done Ronnie. Get your name all over the fishrags and TV stations because you had to display your dismay for the Ravens in such a public way. Next time, make sure you don't have a warrant out for being a deadbeat dad before you do it.

And what's worse? Not going for it on fourth and inches from the goal with 12 seconds left in the game? Or not paying child support for your kid?

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

The Baltimore County cops were obviously concerned that the Ravens would beat Pittsburgh this weekend. See, cops aren't too bright either.

J-Red said...

And I live very close to Arbutus. There are a lot of Ravens fans, but I've yet to see any purple camo.

I am disappointed this deadbeat gentleman did not have a moustache.

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