December 23, 2007

Time Out Time Out - Gibbs Offered Extension by Skins?

ESPN is reporting that Joe Gibbs has been offered a two-year extension to remain as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Daniel Snyder is confident he can convince Gibbs to return.

Time out time out. What convinced Snyder that Gibbs is a positive influence on the team? Was it his league-high failure rate when leading at the half, due to his inability to keep a foot on the gas pedal? Was it his inability to remain up-to-date on the rules, or at least those rules which Gibbs himself can personally violate? Perhaps it was Gibbs' nearly conscious refusal to use Mike Sellers in short-yardage situations, despite the fact Sellers is huge and athletic and sure-handed.

What does Gregg Williams do now? His contract includes a penalty if the Redskins don't name him the next head coach, but he probably wasn't banking on Gibbs lasting past this year. Now he faces returning a defense next year without Sean Taylor, $20M over the cap before that unwanted relief.

This move makes no sense, but I think I have figured it out. Snyder wants to know as soon as possible whether he needs to find a new head coach for next year. It has become obvious that Gregg Williams will not be promoted, especially after his brutal mishandling of LaVar Arrington and Rocky McIntosh last year. By putting this offer on the table, Gibbs will hopefully make an early decision on whether he wants to come back.

Sadly, I do believe that Snyder wants him back.

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