December 28, 2007

Week 17 NFL Against the Spread Picks

This is the final week of our pick-off, with only Jeremy and Brien really contending for the title. J-Red and Russell can't even get over .500 after a dismal Week 16.

Brien (41-37-2)

TAMPA BAY (+2.5) over Carolina - The Bucs will be resting up for the playoffs, and the Panthers looked good last week against Dallas, but I still think Tampa Bay will come out of this game with a win.

Green Bay (-4) over DETROIT - The Lions bandwagon feels like a long time ago, doesn't it?

Jacksonville (+6) over HOUSTON - This line is so far off what I would have expected, it worries me a little bit.

Seattle (+1) over ATLANTA - Merry Christmas? Or does Vegas think home field advantage is worth extra during the holidays?

CHICAGO (+2) over New Orleans - Home field in Chicago might be worth more than 3 points in December.

Jeremy and Magic 8 (39-35-6 and 43-31-6)

Jeremy's Picks:

Well this is it... tied with Brien. Oddly, I feel a good deal of pressure. Too bad I've got about five minutes to breeze through these picks. Oh well. On a completely random side note, I can't help but think while reading these stories about the San Francisco Zoo how much it must have sucked to be standing there, watching the animals from afar, and suddenly seeing a 600-pound tiger coming at you. What do you think was going through the guy's mind? And I like how the zookeepers are now blaming taunting on the tiger's aggressivenes. I guess T.O. should never go to the zoo. On to the picks, with a positively putrid set of games on this week's slate...

NEW ENGLAND (-13) over NY GIANTS - Why are both teams capitalized? Well we all have read about the legions of Pats fans buying tickets from Giants fans. We all know the Giants would be better off playing 16 road games. The Pats make a statement here and Eli gets that "Eli" look on his face at least seven times this game.

Pittsburgh (-3) over BALTIMORE - Steelers will try desperately to avoid the Jacksonville-New England first two round matchup.

San Diego (-9) over OAKLAND - Ditto for the Chargers.

Seattle (+1) over ATLANTA - Presenting your WTF?!?! game of the week, even if Seattle rests everyone.

Cincinnati (-3) over MIAMI - The Bengals could quit, but even if they quit, they wouldn't be as bad as the Dolphins.

Magic 8 Ball Picks:

Jeremy, my rightful owner, is accepting bids to purchase me for the 2008 Season. No warranties included.

NY GIANTS (+13) over New England - "Yes." [Giants will beat spread]

BALTIMORE (+3) over Pittsburgh - "My sources say yes." [Ravens will beat spread]

San Diego (-8) over OAKLAND - "My answer is no." [Raiders won't beat spread]

Seattle (+2) over ATLANTA - "No." [Atlanta won't beat spread]

MIAMI (+3) over Cincinnati - "Yes." [Dolphins will beat spread]

J-Red (36-41-3)

Yeah, I'm willing to cheat to win. Since I've seen Jeremy and Brien's picks, I need to make sure I don't pick with them or I won't be able to catch up.

HOUSTON (-6) over Jacksonville - When Vegas throws up a weird one like this, I'm on board this late in the season.

Dallas (+9) over WASHINGTON - Every year there is a team that just needs to win over a team that's only half playing and fails.

San Francisco (+10) over CLEVELAND - Shaun Hill is on his free agent tour, and I think he'll keep the Niners in this.

MIAMI (+3) over Cincinnati - Miami has locked up the first pick, so they can go all out. What's in this for Cincy?

ATLANTA (-1) over Seattle - Seneca Wallace sucks, maybe worse than Chris Redman. Maybe.

Russell (33-44-3)

Trying to finish on a decent note.

Minnesota (-3) over DENVER - The Vikings need a win, and Denver has nothing to play for and a terrible rush defense.

San Diego (-9) over OAKLAND - Fargas is hurt. LT put up 198 and 4 TDs last time.

Pittsburgh (-3) over BALTIMORE - The Ravens packed it in for the year after the Pats game. Pride will keep it closer than in Pissburgh but not enough to cover.

ARIZONA (-6.5) over St. Louis - Do I have to explain this one?

NY GIANTS (+13) over New England - Pure prayer. I really think the Pats will kill them since Eli sucks, but it's the Evil Empire and maybe my confidence in them will help.


Brien - CHI, GB, JAX, SEA, TB
Jeremy - CIN, NE, PIT, SD, SEA
Russell - ARI, MIN, NYG, PIT, SD
Magic 8 - BAL, MIA, NYG, SD, SEA


Magic 8 (43-31-6 for .575)
Jeremy (39-35-6 for .525 -- 4 GB)
Brien (41-37-2 for .525 -- 4 GB)
J-Red (36-41-3 for .469 -- 8.5 GB, 4.5 GB Humans)
Russell (33-44-3 for .431 -- 11.5 GB, 7.5 GB Humans)

All of us: 192-188-20 for .505
Humans: 149-157-14 for .488

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