December 29, 2007

UCLA Hires Rick Neuheisel

In perhaps the least surprising news of this year's coaching carousel, former Colorado and Washington head coach and current Ravens QB Coach/Asst. OC Rick Neuheisel was hired as the head coach of the UCLA Bruins this afternoon.

UCLA is Neuheisel's alma mater, where he played quarterback in the late 70's to early 80's. As we've seen, it often works out for the school when they can convince an alumnus to come back and coach (Rich Rodriguez, Ralph Friedgen).

I always thought Neuheisel got a raw deal at Washington. He actually won a lucrative lawsuit against the school for wrongful termination in the wake of the NCAA Basketball bracket scandal that caused Neuheisel to get run out of town. Colorardo, on the other hand, is a reputation Neuheisel earned.

While UCLA is a relatively weak football school, there is no denying it offers many of the same advantages USC has used to attract the best of the best players. Now they have a high profile coach who isn't going anywhere. They have the same hot chicks (though more Asians than blondes) and the same high profile as USC. I suspect UCLA will post some winning seasons in the near future.

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