January 3, 2008

Ten Songs You Hear Once a Year

1) Auld Lang Syne - You don't know what it means, you just know it means you get to kiss that hot chick you've been hovering around last night. That goes well until her boyfriend gets back from sharpening his knuckles

2) Notre Dame Fight Song - It requires a touchdown

3) One Shining Moment - Assuming you don't pass out by that point on Monday Night

4) Super Bowl Shuffle - Typically played before Rex Grossman/Erik Kramer/Steve Walsh/Brian Griese/Kyle Orton/Jim Harbaugh throws the first Pick-6 of the year

5) You're the Best - Only played when people are researching You're the Man Now Dog (www.ytmnd.com) and time travel

6) Dreidel Song - Only applicable to our non-Jew readers. A little reminder that there is an alternative to chocolate Santa

7) Centerfield - Only played when a white centerfielder dominates. In other words, rare.

8) O Canada - You see this one when you watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals - between Anaheim and the team in Raleigh

9) Sweet Caroline - Based on the assumption you can sit through Fever Pitch once annually

10) Any Super Bowl Performance by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake - For when the internet won't deliver actual porn

3 Responses:

Brien said...

You forgot to mention that #1 only applies if you're not a UVA student.

Worst. Fight song. Ever.

Jeremy said...

Erroneous blog post!!!! If a team from Anaheim played a team from Raleigh, not only would the hockey Gods be rolling in their graves, but "O Canada" would not be played. I'd say a more apt example would be when you are given seats so good that it's impossible to turn them down, even if it does mean sitting through an insufferable Orioles-Blue Jays game at Camden Yards. Cito Sucks.

J-Red said...

O Canada is always played for Stanley Cup Finals games, no matter which two teams are playing. At least that's how I remember it from Buffalo v. Dallas.

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