December 31, 2007

Craphonso Catches a TD

I'm not going to get into a while Freakanomics discussion about giving your children names that could screw them for life, but this is by far the worst name I've ever seen for a professional football player:

Craphonso Thorpe. He scored tonight for Indy.

Of all the ways I can think of to pronounce that, the point is that his parents made up a name that started with the word crap.

blahblqgiahblahblahblah Yeah, he was a Criminole/Semenhole


These are not good things to name your son.

1 Responses:

Kevin Hayward said...

Craphonso is pretty bad. You'd think his mother would at least write it out, take a look at it, and come to the conclusion, "you know, something just doesn't seem right about that."

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