December 30, 2007

Mike Martz to Be Fired, Next Stop Baltimore?

[Obviously, this was posted before Brian Billick got fired on New Year's Eve. In now way is this post intended to support the idea of hiring Mike Martz in any capacity in the absence of Billick.]

Dear Ozzie Newsome/Steve Bisciotti,

I've come to grips with the idea that Brian Billick will return as the Ravens head coach next year. If that is indeed true, we must bring in a true offensive coordinator. Rumor has it that Mike Martz is about to be fired by Detroit.

Martz is an asshole. He might be the second worst head coach to take a team to the Super Bowl, behind Bill Callahan. He also got stuck with Detroit's prima donna receiveing corps in Detroit, where just about everyone productive (Furrey, McDonald) were castoffs and everyone who underperformed (Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson) are high salary cap high ego figures.

He's also an excellent offensive coordinator, especially for teams with a cadre of decent receivers and a TE/RB combo who can catch out of the backfield. That pretty well describes the Ravens, with Derrick Mason, Mark Clayton, Demetrius Williams, and the emergent Devard Darling as receivers. No, we don't have a quarterback solution, but Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger and Jon Kitna weren't exactly heralded before their ascensions under Martz.

Let's bring Martz in. He and Billick will get along like Israeli Jews and Palestinians, but winning always brings peace. Plus, if it all blows up we win 4-8 games again. If it doesn't maybe we can make something happen while we still have some veterans playing near their prime. Sounds like a win-win to me.

7 Responses:

KGoon1590 said...


J-Red said...

I'm sorry, are you speaking of the Ravens, Terps, Orioles, or Wizards?

big tuna said...

Wow, you can have him. I am a Lions fan so I hate them as much as anyone. Their offense is crap and Martz is garbage. If you never want to run the ball, then grab Martz. And Jon Kitna ascended? Huh? That guy is getting run out of town as all the fans are remembering the good old days of Erik Kramer.

The recieving corps are not prima donnas. Calvin Johnson never talks and Roy Williams talks too much, but not about himself. Why else would he be so in favor of the drafting of Johnson. The guy just wants to win. The only asshole reciever is Mike Furrey.

Good luck.

Anyway, I thought you already have an "offensive genius" in Billick?

big tuna said...

That being said, I hate that Mike Martz is this year's version of Matt Millen's scapegoat. What the hell does a guy have to do to get fired around here?

Jeremy said...

The Ravens solution is Todd Collins at QB. Draft Matt Ryan and let Collins start for you for a year or two. Although your OL isn't going to give him the same protection that the Skins OL gives Collins, even though it is completely patchwork with three guys out for the season.

J-Red said...

Todd Collins wouldn't work for us. We don't have a jump ball expert like Santana Moss or an RB like Portis (who looked like LT the last 4 weeks) who can turn dump offs into TDs.

"ben" said...

Hire Bill Belick and bring in Tom Broeller as QB.

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