January 2, 2008

Rich Rodriguez "Disappointed", "Upset", by WVU Lawsuit

According to CNNSI, Rich Rodriguez is "disappointed" and "upset" that WVU has filed suit to enforce the $4M buyout clause in Rodriguez's contract with the school. He feels that the WVU is not following normal protocol.

Here's the deal Rich. You signed an employment contract. That contract is designed, in its entirety, to govern your employment relationship with West Virginia and your ability to work for anyone else during the same time period. In consideration of those restrictions you received a lot of money. Said contract stated that you would owe $4M if you wished to work elsewhere before the end of the contract term. You agreed to work elsewhere.

Where's the f-ing mystery?

I really hope that WVU follows through on this and seeks the full $4M. Guess what else. That money will not be payable in easy installments over a long period of time. If WVU wins the suit, Rich Rodriguez will owe WVU $4M that day. The school can do whatever it has to in order to recoup the money, including garnishing RichRod's wages and placing a lien on his home(s).

Maybe RichRod should have paid attention when every blogger in the country said "RichRod can't take the Michigan job because he'd owe WVU $4M".

8 Responses:

Brien said...

I'll say it again: I don't understand why schools and coached do business through multi-year contracts. Coaches leave essentially whenever they want, and colleges and professional teams fire coaches whenever they want. Sometimes there's a financial penalty, but that never seems to make a difference. Just make coaches "at will" employees and modify their salary every year.

"ben" said...

I think Rich Rod should have stuck with his original idea that he will not comment on the buyout until it is settled.

Rich Rod's excuse for not paying the $4 Mil in full is that it was agreed to in good faith that WVU would follow through on certain promises. The WVU donors backing RR say the University reneged. The University says they were in the middle of doing it.

This is exactly how Beilein got out of paying his full buyout.

Oopsy for RR, there are more sour grapes with his departure, and WVU is not going to let him walk away unscathed.

To answer Brien's question, which may be tongue-in-cheek, is that WVU is probably going to get something out of this. That's why they enter into contracts, despite the fact that coaches leave whenever they want.

big tuna said...

Maybe that is why he turned down Alabama. He probably said something like "I really wanted to take the job but all the bloggers told me I shouldn't."

Guess what, win or lose the lawsuit he will be coaching Michigan and WVU will get it's money. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Michael said...

I agree with Brien, these liquidated damages or "buyout clauses" are kind of ridiculous. But J-Red also is right...its in the contract, and he signed the contract. Presumably he had an attorney look at it for him before he signed it, but either way, he made his bed and he's got to lie in it.

Yes I am up at 6am...goddamn insomnia.

Dewey (Yardbarker) said...

I like Michigan football, but RR is making it hard to cheer for ol' Blue. What a thievin' idiot.

big tuna said...

dewey, if you are going to seize your fanhood because of a dispute over a buyout than the ol' Blue is probably better off

"ben" said...

Not knowing Dewey, I could be totally wrong. But I am guessing his "fanhood" as it relates to Michigan is somewhat casual and that he doesn't have strong ties, if any, to the school.

J-Red said...

I'm 99% sure Dewey means he likes Michigan football as in he would slightly prefer to see them win over a random team like Iowa.

It's kind of the same way I like the Seahawks. All things equal, I'll slightly root for them over another random NFL team. If they're playing the Ravens, I want them to get pummeled.

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