January 3, 2008

As the Carousel Spins - WVU, Dolphins Make Decisions; SMU Aims High

Some news on the coaching carousel front this morning...

1) The Miami Dolphins have fired Cam Cameron after his 1-15 season. Considering the QBs he had to work with (Trent Green, Cleo Lemon, John Beck) and considering that he lost one of the NFL's best RBs, Ronnie Brown, I think Cam will resurface as an OC with some team that's glad to have him. Probably Detroit, given Cameron's propensity for running the ball in San Diego.

As for Bill Parcells rapid housecleaning in Miami, has anyone stayed there long enough in the past five years to even collect any dust? This reminds me of someone with OCD who ends up rubbing his hands raw by cleaning them every ten minutes, whether it's needed or not.

2) The West Virginia Mountaineers have responded quickly to the calls from QB Pat White and others who credited interim head coach Bill Stewart with holding the team together. The school removed the interim tag today. So the players he has (some of whom are graduating) think he's great. Can he recruit? Does Terry Bowden regret publicly stating that he wanted the job, only to get little if any attention from the school?

3) SMU, still reeling from being the only football program to receive the death penalty is ready to pay a reported $1.5M/year to their next football head coach. They just need to find someone willing to take the job. So far SMU is targeting Hawaii head coach June Jones and fired Detroit OC and ex-Rams head coach Mike Martz. Other (older) reports state that they have narrowed the search to ex-Hurricanes head coach Larry Coker and ex-Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione. SMU fired their previous coach, Phil Bennett, way back on October 28th.

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