January 3, 2008

Erin Henderson Enters the NFL Draft

While many players leave college too soon with dreams of fame and fortune, I think this is a smart move for a couple reasons, even though it will hurt the Terps next year. First, his brother EJ is the starting middle linebacker for one of the best rush defenses in the NFL (Vikings). EJ can give him a no-crap assessment of his chances and what he needs to do and to be able to do. Second, teams will have an extra comfort level due to the success of Maryland linebackers in the pros over the last couple years (primarily Shawne Merriman, D'Qwell Jackson, EJ Henderson). Third, Erin's back gave him a lot of trouble this year. Back injuries never seem to go away, so he probably has a limited number of years left physically. There's no reason to spend another year at a school that won't be competing for the conference or national title next year when your body isn't going to last forever. A similar argument applies to most athletes, but the back injury makes it more important. Additionally, he's already gotten all the press and experience he can probably get at Maryland.

[J-Red's addendum: Fourth, Erin has graduated. Even Coach Friedgen said he can't complain when a player who has his degree wants to leave early.]

I would project him to be a late first day pick, probably late second round or early third. The talent is there but he's slightly smaller than EJ and the back trouble will move him down the board some. Good luck in the pros, Erin!

2 Responses:

big tuna said...

Is Erin a guy or a girl? I thought Erin was for a girl and Aaron was a guy. Being a chick might hurt her draft stock.

J-Red said...

His parents wanted to show off their Irish heritage.

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