December 31, 2007

The NFC East... no better division in the NFL.

As a Redskins fan, I will throw down right now and tell you that there's no better division than the NFC East. The only division that I will even take the time to compare the NFC East to is the AFC South, which is the only other division to put three out of four teams in the playoffs.

Let's first go by the numbers...

INDY - 13-3 (SOS - 15)
JAX - 11-5 (SOS - 17)
TEN - 10-6 (SOS - 18)
HOU - 8-8 (SOS - 16)

Total wins: 42. Average Strength of Schedule - 16.5

Now for the NFC East:

DAL - 13-3 (SOS - 10)
NYG - 10-6 (SOS - 6)
WAS - 9-7 (SOS - 2)
PHI - 8-8 (SOS - 1)

Total wins: 40. Average Strength of Schedule - 4.75

So when all is said and done the AFC South has two more wins on the season than the NFC East, but has done so playing a crap schedule. You know it must be crap when each team's strength of schedule is so weak despite six games against divisional opponents with a .500 or better record.

So we've disspelled the numbers. Let's go to flat-out tradition...

As a Redskins fan, I'll tell you that I HATE... no, I DESPISE, all three division foes. I mean, I cannot stand the Eagles or their fans, the Giants or their fans, or the Cowboys or their fans. This animosity is well-aged and brewed over years and years of bitter feuds, rivalries, and down-to-the-wire playoff finishes. The teams in the NFC East are supported by rabid fans who fill their stadiums every week with 70,000+ fans. These teams have been fighting it out since the 60s, when the Cowboys came into existence. The Giants, Eagles, and Redskins date back to the 1930s and 1940s.

AFC South has some rivalries that are starting. Jeff Fisher and the Titans certainly don't like the Jaguars, and vice-versa. The Colts are disliked. But you've got the elephant in the room, the very-newly-created Houston Texans, who up until this year, have been a total joke. You have the Jaguars, who only came into existence in the mid 90s. The Titans, back in the day when they were the Oilers, were in a different division from the Colts. You have the Jags who have to cover large sections of their stadium with a tarp to prevent the market from being blacked out. Colts fans are good, I'll give you that. But their team only came into existence just over 20 years ago. In short, the division is younger than my sister.

I love being a Redskins fan, and I wouldn't have it any other way than have the 'Skins competing in the NFC East, hands down the best division in football.

3 Responses:

big tuna said...

Jags are 11-5 not 10-6 and completely underrated. In my opinion, the Colts would beat Dallas and the Jags would beat the Giants. Phili and Washington would probably win but the top of the AFC South is a lot stronger, especially the second place teams.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for catching that. I have no idea how I screwed that up considering I was writing this thinking how I could justify the eleven win thing. I tend to agree that the AFC South is top heavy, and while I agree that the Jags would likely beat the Giants because they are so suspect despite going up by 12 over the Pats, I don't think the Jags would beat the Redskins right now. David Garrard being forced to pass against the 'Skins secondary is not a good thing.

J-Red said...

I think you'd be surprised if you watched the Jags over the last half of the season. Garrard has looked great and Fred Taylor looks like the Fred Taylor of 1995. If he's not doing great they still have MJD.

Pittsburgh is going to have to score to beat the Jags, and I'm not sure they couldn't give Indy or NE a run too.

Since they de-activated Taylor and MJD yesterday, they might be a 12-win team in terms of quality.

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