January 3, 2008

WVU's Speed Dominates OU's Strength

This year's Fiesta Bowl showed that West Virginia and the spread is fully legit. For anyone who was in doubt, thinking WVU didn't deserve to be #2 in the soft Big East, the Mountaineers cleared things up a little bit. Four straight drives for TD's, 3 of them on drives of 3 plays or less. Sam Bradford constantly under pressure, OU with 11 rushing yards in the first half. OU was in line for the national title a couple times, and WVU exposed them.

Bob Stoops needs to rethink his bowl pep talks. He's now 1-4 in his last 5 bowl games, 0-4 in the BCS. Maybe he hasn't recovered from the USC 55-19 pummeling in the 2004 Orange Bowl.

Maybe Bill Stewart can get a hold of some of that $4M RichRod will be forking over. What better signs for the WVU AD than the team chanting his name as they leave the field, Stoops saying he shouldn't be "interim", and a dominant victory?

7 Responses:

KGoon1590 said...

Pat White said during his MVP speech, "I think I speak for all the players when I say this guy should be our head coach."

"ben" said...

Michigan has a coach that built a team that beat Oklahoma.

I feel gooooooooooooooooooood.

big tuna said...

I hear that Rodriguez was holding them back and they would have lost if he was coaching them.

Jeremy said...

DickRod is not the answer. Seriously. You forget that this is a team that choked at home with a National Championship bid on the line to their archrival Pitt. He does not coach well at all under pressure. The talent will be there. But I predict a marginally worse overall winning percentage against Ohio State for DickRod than for Lloyd Carr. And when it comes down to it, that's all the Maize and Blue fans really care about.

Now This is Happening said...

You know who else doesn't do well under pressure? Pat White.

"ben" said...

Rich Rod coached the team that beat UGA in a BCS game.

The Pitt game was a disaster. It happens.

UM will lose a fair bit to OSU. Michigan will not dominate OSU. But if RR can just get them back to competitive, I'll be satisfied. I'm just looking for some Big Ten titles.

J-Red said...

You're talking about academic pressure. That won't come up often in his career.

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