December 31, 2007

The Next Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens...

With thanks to Jeremy Green of for identifying assistants who are ready for the leap, here is a list of candidates for the Ravens' head coaching vacancy. This list is in no particular order, and there are other candidates out there. These are just the ones that don't make me ill.

1) Rex Ryan - Ravens DC - Steve Bisciotti supposedly values continuity. That was the impetus behind Billick's four-year contract extension after last season's 13-3 record. Ryan would provide that. His brother, Rob (DC for Oakland), is an excellent head coaching candidate, but not in Baltimore. He could take over as DC if Rex is promoted from within though.

2) Marty Schottenheimer - Martyball would play very well in Baltimore. It also would fit our young offensive line, as run blocking is less complicated than pass blocking. Many fans, however, would not be enthusiastic about a retread. Marty also might conflict with some of the veterans who are used to Camp Cupcake under Billick.

3) Mike Singletary - Niners Asst. HC for D - Singletary was the Ravens' linebackers coach under Mike Nolan. He has the respect of the veterans, including Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed. The major concern is that he's never been a head coach or even a true coordinator at any level. I suspect Singletary would be better suited for a reclamation project (Atlanta/Miami), but I wouldn't bemoan his hiring.

4) Bill Cowher - By all reports, Cowher wants to sit out another year. That being said, he would be an instant demigod in Baltimore.

5) Jason Garrett - This might be more of a pipe dream than Cowher. Garrett, a former QB and supposed wunderkind in Dallas, would be ideal for Baltimore, especially if Rex Ryan could be retained for continuity on defense. I just can't see Jerry Jones letting him get away. Many suspect that Wade Phillips was only hired to give Jason Garrett time to mature and then take the job.

6) Rob Chudzinski - Cleveland OC - Coached at the U during the good days and was under Schottenheimer in San Diego. He's also young. Again, if Rex Ryan can be retained, this might be a great long-term guy.

7) Russ Grimm - Cardinals Asst. HC/OL Coach - Just kidding. He was a Redskin.

8) Denny Green - At least we could finally get the offensive genius from the 1998 Vikings like we were promised all along.

9) Ralph Friedgen - U of MD Head Coach - This would be a very dangerous move. Friedgen flirted with the idea of jumping to the pros when Tampa Bay contacted him in their last coaching search. The public backlash of a) hurting Maryland and b) hiring a college coach might be too much.

Who else would you like to see considered?

15 Responses:

JC said...

1. Cowher in Baltimore? He would have so many crab legs tossed at him in the streets. Ravens fans are that desperate. Sike, yes they are.

2. Considering that the Ravens weren't anywhere near what we thought they would be, Dennis Green wouldn't be such a bad idea.

J-Red said...

Ravens fans would welcome Cowher with open arms.

Part of the difficulty of having a rivalry with the Steelers is that it is damn-near impossible to hate Cowher or Bettis or Willie Parker or Heath Miller.

Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, and every defensive player I can hate, but never Cowher.

You can't be a football fan and dislike Bill Cowher.

Dewey (Yardbarker) said...

I'm a fan of Jason Garrett, Bill Cowher, Marty Ball, and Rex Ryan.

I'm surprised so many Ravens fans would not want Cowher. What the Ravens lack is discipline, and that would not be a problem for Bill.

WFY said...

Cowher would be the funniest hire. I would enjoy listening to all the Pittsburgh transplants in the D.C./Baltimore region call him a traitor, despite the fact they did the same thing.

strider said...

As a lifetime Steelers Nation citizen, there are not any other teams that I could say would best fit Bill Cowher than the Ravens (asided from the Steelers, of course). Keeping Cowher in the AFC North family is a good thing. The players will respect him and the fans will love him. The Ws will be big as well. What's not to like?

J-Red said...

I love the idea, I just don't think Cowher is on board. I guarantee the Ravens will take their best shot at him. With his daughters in Raleigh though, I think he'll wait on Carolina.

Of course, in terms of proximity to Raleigh, the closest teams are:

1) Charlotte (167 mi)
2) Washington (276 mi)
3) Baltimore (323 mi)
4) Atlanta (406 mi)
5) Philadelphia (423 mi)
6) East Rutherford (511 mi)
7) Cincinnati (519 mi)

That's leaving out Pittsburgh, Nashville and Cleveland since they are >500 miles and have stable coaching situations through 2008 most likely.

J-Red said...

And I still would give my left leg for Jeff Fisher, but that's just not going to happen. He just got extended this year and Ozzie isn't going to trade draft picks to get him.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Ralph isn't going to be the next Raven's coach. I wouldn't be suprised if he got fired from Maryland after the next season.

J-Red said...

Friedgen isn't getting canned from Maryland, even if the 6-win seasons aren't really any better than what we had before.

The truth is that we know what it would take to field a nationally competitive football team, and we're not willing to do it. Remember this in 2010 when whatever Ron Zook is doing at Illinois becomes public.

KGoon1590 said...

cowher isn't a good fit because he's a hard ass. the ravens vets are going to want a player's coach who can earn their trust back and who isn't going to kill them in training camp, esp old guys like ray-ray.

rex ryan seems like the easy answer: he's gained a lot of respect from his players and we know he can run a defense. plus, if we don't make him OUR head coach, expect him to be hired away somewhere else and be successful. at the very least, hire him to keep the panthers from getting him. (oooh, yeah, john fox isn't gone yet, but... ouch.)

J-Red said...

Cowher wants the Panthers job. I think the fact that Bisciotti dismissed the entire staff doesn't bode well for Rex.

Cowher would work them, but second to Jeff Fisher, no one earns instant respect like he does.

"ben" said...

Coaching search? Hahaha! Those things suck.

J-Red said...

At least whoever we select probably won't be trying to duck a $4M judgment like O.J. ducks Ron Goldman.

"ben" said...

I think you would agree this buyout mess won't matter in a year.

Anonymous said...

How about Norm Chow?

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