July 31, 2008

Other Things Bill Belichick Tapes

A disgruntled Patriots beat reporter leaked news today of a possible Bill Belichick sex tape. Leave aside the awfulness of that thought for a second. Now we know Belichick likes taping opponents' signals and his own adulterous liasons. We here at ECB wondered what else Belichick like taping?

Tom Brady in the Locker Room

When in the presence of an Adonis like Tom The Golden Boy, how can you resist sneaking a peek? Hidden cameras are a lot less conspicuous than staring and gawking. Plus, if the players caught you checking out Brady's babymaker, it might compromise your hard-ass reputation.

Celebrity Family Feud

Bill just can't get enough of that Al Roker. He's so funny!

The Office Cookie Jar

Bill's legendary paranoia extends to the team's snack food supply also. Who the hell ate the last cookie!

The Gillette Stadium Press Box

You thought the opposing sideline was the only thing at Gillette Stadium under surveillance? Think again! Bill reviews in-game tapes of the press box to see if anyone says something nasty about him or questions one of his decisions. That's how he decides who to be really rude to in the post-game press conference. Everyone else just gets impudence.

Bridget Moynahan

Bill keeps 24-7 coverage on Moynahan just in case that ungrateful, gold-digging hussy tries to spring any more "surprise" babies on Tom.

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

He taped his hands to his ankles when he went into Goodell's office last fall.

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