July 30, 2008

Shameless Begging

Hugging Harold Reynolds is holding the fifth round of their ongoing Iron Ref competition. Three blogs go head to head using a secret ingredient (topic) and readers vote on their favorites. This week, we're locked in a brutal deathmatch with two other presumably inferior opponents.

Go here. Vote in the comments. For your vote to be valid, it must include the words "East Coast Bias" or ECB. After you submit your vote, hold Ctrl-F4 to lock it in.

3 Responses:

Nic said...

Well I voted for you guys, though I will say I liked the other guys topic better. (Why did you have an anti Duke piece?)

But you had me at hello, so you got my vote.

J-Red said...

Because we hate Dook. Thanks for vote! No takebacks.

Dewey Hammond said...

I got you. Yessssir.

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