September 28, 2008

Jim Zorn Humble Pie

Okay, I'll admit it. I overreacted, along with most people, to the Redskins Week 1 humiliation up in the Meadowlands. I saw a coach who looked confused and overwhelmed. It was a simpler time then. Sarah Palin was new to us, and she had us especially sensitive to people who skipped a few rungs on the ladder to get to the top spot.

blahblahblah Left: U.S. Congressman. Right: NFL Head Coach. I shit you not.

Zorn, who had never been more than a position coach prior to this year learned REALLY quickly. I'm not saying he's the most brilliant coach in football (I think he's a little full of himself, but coming after Joe Gibbs any offense looks sharp), and he certainly doesn't handle the press well (though they probably like how he consistently throws players under the bus and displays a total lack of respect for the history of the Redskins (Cowboys/Skins = Seahawks/Raiders, calling the Skins the "maroon, black and yellow")). But he does appear to belong at the position. That's even more obvious when you look at the disasters that are Lane Kiffin, Scott Linehan and Romeo Crennel.

So I'll admit it. I was wrong about Jim Zorn being a huge mistake. I'm probably wrong about my two-year-old prediction that Cowher will be the head coach in 2009.

Now you all have to admit that I was right about Jason Campbell being the right quarterback for this team.

7 Responses:

Grant said...

Where are those Todd Collins supporters now?

"ben" said...

J-Red, I know your Redskin fan games. I'm not buying it.

All those FGs instead of TDs almost killed Washington. Boooooo!

But I love the win.

J-Red said...

Grant, I think they're rallying around a flaming crucifix.

Grant said...

yeah, that's probably the case. don't suppose we'll be rid of them anytime soon.

big tuna said...

So if I am understanding this correctly, what you are saying is that Sarah Palin will do a good job as VP.

nikhil28 said...

All I have to say is "Portis pockets straight". As Shaq would say, hey Dallas "tell me how my ass tastes".

J-Red said...

Yeah, maybe Sarah Palin will learn on the job really quickly too. Of course, that Week 1 loss might involve a land invasion of China, though.

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