October 3, 2008

NFL Picks Week 5

Brien (10-10-0):
Lots of road favorites on the board this week. I'm going to go against conventional wisdom and take all of them.

Indianapolis (-3) over HOUSTON - I still think the Colts are better than Vegas thinks. They just need to start showing it. Plus they're coming off a bye.
Tennessee (-2.5) over BALTIMORE - The Ravens looked good last week, but I think they'll get up for a Monday night game in Pittsburgh more than this one. I smell a letdown.
San Diego (-6.5) over MIAMI - Let's not read too much into the Dolphins win over New England.
New England (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO - See above.
Chicago (-3.5) over DETROIT - The Lions are winless straight up and winless against the spread. The Bears are coming off a win against the Eagles. How is this line so close (uh-oh, is this a trap game)?

Jason (9-11-0):

Tennessee (-2.5) over BALTIMORE - The Ravens showed a lot in their Monday Night loss to Pittsburgh, but I just can't see them being able to stay on their game for the full 60 minutes it will take to beat Tennessee.
CAROLINA (-10) over Kansas City - KC got their win for this half of the season.
NY GIANTS (-7.5) over Seattle - I hate that half-point, but I think the Giants, who already are acting like they have something to prove, really do with Plaxico out.
JACKSONVILLE (-3.5) over Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh took a beating Monday Night. I can't see them surviving another one.
PHILADELPHIA (-6) over Washington - I guess I'm going all favorites. I think the Skins are due for a big let-down.

Jeremy (10-10-0):
I absolutely love that the Redskins win over the Cowboys was the game that gave me the break-even win last week to bring me to 3-2. Tough to find home teams that I like this week:

Indianapolis (-3) over HOUSTON - This is the kind of game that could allow Indy to get really healthy really quickly, especially after a bye week.
Washingon (+6) over PHILADELPHIA - I may be drinking the Kool Aid, but this is a big spread, especially if Westbrook pulls his favorite 12:59pm scratch.
Tennessee (-2.5) over BALTIMORE - A short week for the Ravens after an excruciating loss. Looking at their roster I'm not sure how the Titans are 4-0, but they are, with some decent wins.
Cincinnati (+17.5) over DALLAS - This is an insane line that is begging for suckers like me to take. But really... an over two-TD line... that's a lot, even if it is the Bengals.
DENVER (-3.5) over Tampa Bay - I had to look high and low for a home team to take. Griese has been erratic and I think Denver will be just a little angry after last week's game.

Magic 8 Ball (12-8-0):
For a mere $100.00 to Jeremy, you can borrow me for your next trip to Vegas after my 5-0 week last week. I guess this shows that when it comes to gambling, random beats human thought.

Indianapolis (-3) over HOUSTON - "My answer is no." (Texans won't beat the spread)
PHILADELPHIA (-6) over Washington - "My sources say yes." (Eagles will beat the spread)
Tennessee (-2.5) over BALTIMORE - "My answer is no." (Ravens won't beat the spread)
DALLAS (-17.5) over Cincinnati - "Signs point to yes." (Cowboys will beat the spread)
Tampa Bay (+3.5) over DENVER - "No." (Broncos won't beat the spread)

Russell (11-9-0):
Clearly, I don't know much any more. Here are few more semi-random guesses. If only my random guesses could equal the 8 Ball...

New England (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO
- I still think the Pats are playoff bound.
ARIZONA (-1) over Buffalo
- I always like the Cards at home, and they're mad. Buffalo's struggled to beat lesser teams the last couple weeks.
Tennessee (-2.5) over BALTIMORE
- The Ravens can't cover EVERY week.
Minnesota (+3) over NEW ORLEANS
- Even Gus Frerotte can exploit the Saints' corners.
JACKSONVILLE (-3.5) over Pittsburgh - I think the Steelers have some serious issues on offense, we'll see.

Brien: IND, TEN, SD, NE, CHI
Russell: NE, ARI, TEN, MIN, JAX

1 Responses:

Jeremy said...

We all should've gone to Vegas this week. Counting the Magic 8 Ball, and not including the Monday night game, we're 18/24 on the weekend on our picks. That's pretty much unprecedented for us.

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