April 30, 2007

Michael "Burner" Turner Off the Table

A.J. Smith, GM of the San Diego Chargers, just stated on the Colin "Shrutebag" Cowherd Show on ESPN Radio that LT's backup, RB Michael Turner, is officially off the table. The Chargers will retain Turner through this, his final contract, year.

So what does this mean? It means Tennessee is basically screwed out of any quality RB (not to mention Buffalo and Green Bay, though they displayed less publicly-disclosed interest in Turner). If reports of Skins' camp are correct, no one made them an attractive offer for their 6th pick in the first round. That pick was well-known to be the last chance to obtain Adrian Peterson before Minnesota picked at 7. Tennessee eventually selected S Michael Griffin from Texas with the 19th pick in the first round followed by RB Chris Henry (not that one) out of Arizona in the 2nd round. Both of those picks could have almost certainly been packaged to obtain the Redskins 6th pick and RB Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma. I suppose time will tell which was the wiser move.

Perhaps A.J. Smith is just puffing, especially since he now knows that Tennessee is facing the 2008 season with LenDale White and oft-injured Chris Brown as their featured backs. Reports that the Titans have made calls to Eddie George, Robert Smith, Terry Allen, Emmitt Smith, and Barry Sanders have not yet been confirmed.

3 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Damnit... this solves the mystery. I don't follow as much inside rumor as you do and had no idea that the Titans had an interest in Turner. And as I was watching the draft, and knowing that the 'Skins pick was the last somebody could snatch Peterson, I was thinking either the Titans were being really stupid, or they were lowballing the Redskins, as they were the most logical choice to me to need Adrian Peterson. Of course, now I see that they actually weren't offering anything because they assumed that they would have Turner. DAMNIT!!! We totally needed to trade that pick. Landry will be pretty good, but not as worthwhile as a lower first round pick and a second round pick would've been.

J-Red said...

They had a shot at Turner. I personally think AJ Smith is trying to induce panic. I'm sure Tennessee offered something decent, probably a 2nd and a 3rd, prior to the draft. Since neither side pulled the trigger he's pretending like it's too late.

Or it really is too late. We've seen that he lets personal problems get in the way.(Schottenheimer fiasco...)

He's a crybaby and I'm personally not at all worried about the Chargers making significant noise in the playoffs any time soon.

Brien said...

This seems crazy. I'm sure there were 3-4 teams out there willing to give the Chargers twice what Turner is worth. I know everyone wants the whole 2 RB system, but the Chargers could have gotten a lot of good value (maybe a head coach?) by trading Turner.

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