May 1, 2007

Throw him the damn unemployment check

So the Panthers cut Keyshawn Johnson today just days after he spent hours preening as part of the ESPN NFL Draft crew. It's pretty funny in retrospect thinking about Key's response to the Panthers' draft pick of Jarrett, saying he was looking forward to taking the fellow former USC wide receiver "under his wing."

According to the Associated Press' interview with the Carolina GM, Key's reaction was about as follows:

"I don't think he agreed with the decision. I think he feels like he could have come in and helped us in our goal of trying to get to the playoffs and win the championship but I think he understood our thought process... I would just say he didn't agree with it."

Well if there's anybody who I thought would be gracious in the face of getting cut for younger talent, it would be Keyshawn. I personally am shocked that he "didn't agree with it." I have a feeling his words might have been slightly stronger.

But as somebody who has long despised this guy, I think since Jason could man up and make a positive post about the Redskins, I'm going to have to man up and say that I actually liked Keyshawn as a draft analyst on ESPN. He definitely knows the game, knows the coaches in the game (maybe because he's clashed with a good third of them), and is way more palatable than Deion Sanders or Shannon Sharpe ever were. Plus, Chris Mortenson truly seemed to despise sitting on the same set as him during the ESPN coverage. That's always fun to watch.

3 Responses:

J-Red said...

He's a Raven or a Packer by June 1st. I'd bet on the Ravens.

Brien said...

He's still too good to be cut by two teams in two years.

J-Red said...

Hell, if the Ravens signed Frank Sanders to be a possession receiver literally two years ago, Keyshawn is golden.

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