August 29, 2007

Another Strike Against South Carolina

1) Strom Thurmond
2) Clemson University
3) Your Miss Teen USA contestant stumbles her way through a question about the plight of American education with this train wreck of a response that really seems more fitting for one of those parody movies like "Best in Show."

Anyway, this is totally non-sports-related, but I felt I would be derelict in my duties for not posting this one. Everyone knows her answer really doesn't matter, because in two years she'll likely be posing for Playboy.

4 Responses:

Brien said...

I actually watched a couple minutes of the Miss Teen USA pageant when it was on last weekend. I didn't catch this part, but I saw them announce the top 10. Miss South Carolina was actually my favorite, by far. She's really hot and also a varsity soccer player.

Anyway, I was shocked and saddened when I saw this clip. Who knew that attractive women could be stupid?

J-Red said...

I heard on Kirk & Mark this morning that she was given a second chance on one of the morning TV shows. She didn't butcher it as badly, but her response was basically that all of her friends could find the United States (what an achievement!), but that if the statistics are correct there should be a greater emphasis on geography (which I agree there should be).

On a related note, I heard a clip from one of the local D.C. stations. The weatherman had just finished describing Hurricane Dean and the Hurricane that just pestered Hawaii a few weeks ago. When it was thrown back to the anchor for her typical "Thanks for the great weather" comment, she instead asked if the Hawaii hurricane posed any threat to us. The weatherman stumbled a second and then pretended she had asked about the Caribbean.

J-Red said...

And at least Clemson has IPTAY and a football coach who isn't locked into a constant battle with administration over which players he can recruit and discipline.

Who knew the Cocks had such high academic standards?

"ben" said...

Was she talking? I had the sound down.

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