September 1, 2007

Baseball Statistical Question

The Orioles finally won tonight, ending a 9-game losing streak. The streak happened to begin with the 30-3 beatdown at the hands of the Rangers, the afternoon after Dave Trembley was named the new manager.

So today was Trembley's first win since being manager. Or was it? He was ejected in the fourth inning after arguing a play where Melvin Mora was ruled tagged out despite the catcher having the ball in his bare hand, rather than the mitt. Cincinnati Reds fans probably found this to be karma for Elrod Hendricks' phantom tag in the 1970 World Series, albeit not as satisfying considering this was a regular season game and the Orioles still won.

Elrod, laughing at the city of Cincinnati. Not for the phantom tag though, just in general.

So does Trembley get the credit for the win? The O's are on the road, so he didn't make it the four and a half innings that a pitcher needs for a win. What are the rules for crediting a manager for a win? If he comes back into the dugout with Groucho glasses, a la Bobby Valentine, can he still win the game?

1 Responses:

Dewey said...

That is a good question.

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