August 26, 2007

Last Night's Redskins-Ravens Game

Last night's game proved any one or all four of the following things. Feel free to comment on whatever else it may have proven to you.

1) The Redskins offensive line is inept, draft Todd Collins in your fantasy drafts because Jason Campbell will be out for the season by week 3, and avoid both Portis and Betts at all costs as there will be no holes for either to run through.

2) It's a good thing that Rex Ryan lost a ton of weight, because if he was still as heavy as he was last year, seeing all the penalties flying against his defense all season would have caused him to have a quadruple coronary on the field. If he has the same disposition as his dad, he may punch McAllister if he can't avoid drive-saving illegal contact or pass interference calls.

3) God is a Redskins fan because he sent a bolt of lightning down a block from FedEx Field last night causing the power to fail just as the Redskins took the lead.

4) God is a Ravens fan who officially had enough of Kyle Boller and threw said bolt of lightning down after seeing Boller screw the pooch yet again on another fumble leading to a defensive score by the 'Skins. Seriously, if I'm Brian Billick, I totally give up on Boller and just make Troy Smith my #2 heading into the season and let him learn all he can from McNair.

4 Responses:

J-Red said...

Yeah, as much as I hate the Redskins, I was very pleased to see that power failure. Still no injuries for the Ravens this preseason, and I'd like it to stay that way.

Amen on Boller. I would like to find a way to keep Troy Smith and Drew Olson on the roster. Boller's not coming back next year, so why don't we cut our losses now? It's a bad season if McNair goes down anyway, and why would we want to develop Boller more for another team?

Dewey said...

Boller is a decent option at backup this year. If we could know for certain, which obviously we can't, that McNair wouldn't get hurt this year, then of course you cut your losses with Boller.

But if we needed Olson or Smith to step in and play three or four games in a row this year, that could be a disaster. Not that Boller would be a thing of beauty, but he might eke out two or three wins in that scenario.

J-Red said...

If McNair missed four or fewer games, Boller is the clear choice to salvage a playoff berth. If McNair had some catastrophic injury, I'd prefer Olson or Troy.

J-Red said...

Wait, "God Is a Redskin Fan"? Is this the God who enjoys suffering and smiting?

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