August 30, 2007

Skins Still Talking with Seattle over Brunell Deal

Look out Seneca Wallace. WUSA 9 in D.C. is reporting that the Redskins have traded QB Mark Brunell to the Seattle Seahawks. Brett Haber says the deal is not complete, but will be soon.

Is Brett Haber above reporting a false trade for Danny to induce panic in Atlanta? Brunell played well tonight in Jax.

Details to follow...

blablkhblah This is the Raven-killing Mark Brunell I'll always remember

11:10p update - Seneca Wallace is reportedly being moved to TE. That explains why Ituli Mili and Jerramy Stevens were allowed to leave (other than the fact that Stevens sucks). Marcus Pollard, a 13-year veteran, is the only other name you'd recognize at TE on their roster.

Morning update - Brett Haber might have jumped the gun on this one. Apparently no deal was ever imminent, but rather the Seahawks inquired about Brunell. I think I'll go ahead and trust the Washington Post over the guy who has bounced between ESPN, WTTG Fox-5 D.C., radio and WUSA CBS-9 D.C.

What does it say for Mark's popularity in D.C. that the internet went ablaze last night on rumors that he had been dealt, especially considering he's worth no more than a 5th rounder or a mid-round pick swap?

6 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Please get a decent draft pick, please get a decent draft pick, please get a decent draft pick. I've been praying for this to happen for months!

J-Red said...

I'd guess 5th at the VERY most, and only that because they had to outbid Atlanta.

Benjamin said...

Seneca Wallace...tight end? For real? Isn't he about 6'1" and 195lbs? Wouldn't that make for a better fit at receiver or third down RB?

J-Red said...

I had forgotten he dabbled a bit before. This is the Wikipedia entry:

He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft out of Iowa State University. It is widely thought his stock dropped in the draft due to his insistence that he quarterback for the team rather than be converted to an Antwaan Randle El-type wide receiver. Intrigued by his athleticism, the Seahawks gave him that chance. Wallace made his mark in the 2006 NFL Playoffs when he caught an acrobatic 28 yard pass from Matt Hasselbeck in the NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers' Ken Lucas.

I'm sure Ken Lucas loves that.

He's actually 5-11 and 205lbs. Not exactly prototypical, but the Seahawks really have NOTHING at TE.

Benjamin said...

Would you want to be a quarterback relying on a guy that size to stop a 6'4" 255lb rush end or linebacker? Egads!

Brien said...

Ummm, who wants to trade for Marcus Pollard in our fantasy league?

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