August 12, 2007

Article on Steve Blake in Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun has a nice piece on Steve Blake's new contract in Portland and his life in general.

bblahblahThe child's name is Nicholas. Steve wanted "Drew Fucking Nicholas".

See Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now? for more in-depth treatment on this and other Terps alumnus stories.

And you might not realize how popular Blake is in Portland. Check out this blog entry from Mike Barrett, the television voice of the TrailBlazers.

3 Responses:

Brien said...

Steve Blake is my all-time favorite Maryland Basketball player. It's great to see him making a name for himself in the NBA.

I read the article before reading your caption, and I thought his son was named after Drew too (and Lisa thought the same thing).

I think Steve's going to give Greg Oden 5-6 extra points a night. He's so good at getting big men the ball in a position to score, Oden's going to love him.

J-Red said...

Mine is Juan Dixon of course. My second favorite is Obinna Ekezie. Then Steve Blake.

That being said, it sure looks like Blake is going to enjoy a pretty long and steady career in the NBA, especially if he becomes Oden's favorite.

seth said...

Nice article. They should have included a better picture of the family (i.e. more of a view of his wife).

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