August 13, 2007

Maybe Brian Roberts Had a Point...

Fan video of the last out being recorded in the Red Sox 6-2 win on Saturday at Camden Yards. This video is why I agree with J-Red about Red Sox fans. This video also really sickens me as somebody who remembers waiting on hold on Ticketmaster phonecharge in 1992-1996 to try to get O's tickets the day they went on sale because otherwise I stood no chance of getting into a Camden Yards filled with 48,500 Orioles fans.

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

It is what it is. The good thing about buildind a destination stadium is that we can win 70-75 games a year and still break attendance records like the Orioles did this past weekend.

Plus, in a big picture sense it's very important for the City of Baltimore to put on a good show for people in Boston, New York and Philly. The next time they see job opportunities here (and here is where they are in many white collar and technical fields) they might think twice.

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