August 17, 2007

Erik Bedard: Cy Young Winner? has a great article today on Erik Bedard and his difficult relationship with the media. I've just recently realized how good Bedard is, since I haven't been watching the Orioles almost at all since May. I think you'd have to say that he's clearly the best pitcher the Os have had since Mike Mussina.

Which makes me feel kind of bad that I haven't been following the team at all. Between Bedard, Markakis, Cabrera, and others, the Orioles have one of the more likable teams in the majors. I feel like I should be watching the games, reading articles, basically following the team at least a little bit. Am I a bad fan because I'm not following a likable team just because they're losing?

UPDATE: Oriole Post comments on the article.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

I think Bedard has some pretty stiff competition in the AL, but he'll get votes. I saw Sunday that he almost certainly will break Mussina's record for strikeouts in a single season.

I just hope we can re-sign him. He has a difficult relationship with the media in part because he reportedly has pulled himself out of some games late. But he's an impending free agent, why would he blow an elbow out now? At the same time, he seems to keep to himself and might not like a NY or Boston-like environment.

J-Red said...

Oh, a free agent in 2009. After Gil Meche etc. this offseason, I just have a feeling he'll be tough to sign to a long-term deal this offseason, but you never know.

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