August 15, 2007

As if things could make Appalachian State University seem worse...

After the average high school junior or senior sees this video, they are absolutely, positively, 100% never going to apply to Appalachian State University. The sad thing is that somebody in their Admissions Office thought this would be a good idea.

7 Responses:

Dewey said...

Even though you claim that it's not, that video is "hot hot hot!"

seth said...

OK so the best part of the video has to be the first time the "HOT HOT HOT" comes on and they are showing the fairly "hot" teacher on the screen in the yellow sweater. And who knew peacocks were proud, as the video claims? By the way, I noticed about 90% of the time the "HOT HOT HOT" comes on, there is a female (or multiple females) on the screen.

J-Red said...

What's so funny? I made that using PowerPoint on my lunch break yesterday.

Plus, didn't you see that Mikhail Gorbachev is apparently a professor there?

I am a little leary though, since they couldn't pronounce AppalAYchain correctly.

And is it just me, or did they manage to get a picture of every black kid at the university? How about this from Peterson's:

Minority Breakdown
3% African American, 1% Asian American or Pacific Islander, 2% Hispanic American, 0.4% Native American

By my math, that's 94.6% white.

J-Red said...

And my math is Maryland-trained, so it's, of course, off. I should have gone to Appalachain State.

93.6% white.

J-Red said...

My spelling is Maryland-trained too.

Appalachian State.

Anonymous said...

The even sadder "thing" is that the Admissions Office had nothing to do with it, it was not designed for public consumption, had nothing to do with student recruitment and was produced more than three years ago for a handful of alumni events and done away with afterwards.

At least App taught me not to believe everything I read on the internet.

J-Red said...

Sir, this is not Wikipedia. Everything you read here is 100% accurate, especially names and unfounded allegations.

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