September 26, 2007

Bonds' Home Run Ball to be Branded

Following a two week voting period, the results are in, and fans have chosen for the home run ball that broke Hank Aaron's record to be branded with an asterisk and then sent to Cooperstown. I was one of the many that voted for the asterisk, and I hope that everyone will realize that cheating is not a respectable approach. While no one has proven that Bonds took steroids knowingly, I think it's obvious that he did, and I don't think his ball deserves to be next to Hank's without some sort of asterisk.

That having been said, even though Big Mac has not made the Hall, I think Barry should be a first ballot HOF inductee. His Gold Gloves, MVP's, and 40-40 performances all show how great he was before steroids. Even without the drugs, I think he could have reached 600 HR and could have been revered as one of the greatest players ever.
Final results here

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4 Responses:

"ben" said...

Bleh. I suppose I'm fairly indifferent after becoming so jaded to the whole thing.

I did not vote. I do not really care that much, but my preference would have been to not defile the baseball. I think people generally have formed their opinions on Bonds without an asterisk on the baseball.

If it is sent to the HOF and it chooses to display the ball, won't it be fairly simple for them to not show the side with the asterisk, or are there going to be 20 asterisks on this thing?

J-Red said...

I don't care either. Baseball records have become football records in my mind. I mean, who really sat and reflected after Favre tied Marino's TD record?

"ben" said...

I agree, but it's hard for me to make that call objectively. Baseball was my number one, by far, favorite sport growing up. I loved the history and the baseball encyclopedia.

Then I went to college and the O's stunk, the Tigers stunk, and college football took over everything.

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