September 25, 2007

Chipper Jones Poised to Win Batting Title

Chipper Jones has been a great, under-the-radar player for a long time. This year, even though he's not in the MVP discussion, there are a few numbers that deserve being noted and appreciated.

In his 13th year with the Braves, he is 1st in batting average (.341), 1st in OPS (1.033), 3rd in slugging, and 2nd in OBP (.428) (all stats in the NL). Much of this year, he hit with Andruw Jones behind him, hitting about .200 most of the year. In spite of missing a few games to injury, he is 2 RBI's from a 100 run, 100 RBI season. He's also the only player with that high a slugging percentage to have fewer K's than walks (so he's not just swinging for the fences).

Even though most people don't know, he won the NL MVP in '99 and is a career .307 hitter. I think Chipper will deserve serious consideration for the Hall of Fame whenever he decides to retire, even though his stats reflect his lack of steriods in the steroids era, at least as far as I can tell.

In other baseball news, the Nats spoiled another one for the Mets in spite of giving up 6 in the 9th, and the Braves could be two games out of the wild card with Smoltz and Hudson pitching the next two days against the Phillies. I am happy to root for the Braves against the Phillies and the Mets.

2 Responses:

"ben" said...

I think you are underestimating the respect that exists for Chipper Jones.

He has been an outstanding and consistent hitter. He could have another 4 good years left or so.

He looks like a H.O.F. lock to me. Not really sure how one could argue to keep him out...

Russell said...

So I jumped the gun, Chipper was passed in the last week.

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