September 25, 2007

Surry County Prosecutor to Seek State Charges Against Vick

[UPDATE: A Surry County grand jury has indicted Vick on two charges - financing a dogfighting operation and illegally killing dogs. Additional charges could be added once witnesses leave federal protection. Both charges are basically self-proven by Vick's plea agreement in federal court. He'd have to attack his own plea deal to attack his statements in support of it, and that ain't happening.]

As first reported here on August 20th, Surry County Commonwealth's Attorney Gerald Poindexter is seeking an indictment against Michael Vick for various charges stemming from his dogfighting operations on property located within that county.

Humorously enough, ESPN and CNNSI are reporting that Vick faces "county charges". No, they're state charges. If found guilty, he'd go to state pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

blahblahblah Surry County Commonwealth's Attorney Gerald Poindexter

Oh, and you know all those admissions he made in connection with his federal plea? Those can be used against him in state court. The sentences will not overlap. The federal crime is totally separate from the state crime since the two are "dual sovereigns".

Let's recap how exactly right this blog has been about the Vick situation since it first broke:

5-15-07 : J-Red applauds Gerald Poindexter's handling of the case in light of the Duke Lacrosse fiasco

5-25-07 : J-Red defends Gerald Poindexter against slander by accusing him of being on the take, lazy, or stupid

6-08-07 : J-Red explains how the federal prosecution complicates the state's job (Note: I thought the Feds were in it for media coverage and distraction value, not to actually prosecute the case. My bad.)

7-23-07 : Jeremy predicts Vick's "stay away from training camp" orders mean that he's gone for 2007 and probably 2008.

7-26-07 : J-Red reports that word of a superseding indictment coming against Vick indicates that one of the co-defendants has flipped.

7-31-07 : Jeremy discusses the difference between jail time and the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement
8-14-07 : J-Red reports that the other two co-defendants are flipping, adding that Vick "is now certain to get jail time"

8-17-07 : J-Red ponders whether Vick should enter a plea or not, and frets about the racial implications of pleading guilty and looking railroaded. Though I was ridiculed at the time, ESPN will air a town meeting called "The Vick Divide" tonight. They will pretty much argue over exactly what I said they'd argue about. Also note this article on BET's website from August 20, interesting titled the same as mine and interestingly mimicking my exact argument.

8-20-07 : J-Red reports on his conversation with Gerald Poindexter, directly refuting Len Pasquarelli's report that the state charges were holding up Vick's plea. J-Red also reports that Poindexter will seek an indictment.

8-26-07 : Jeremy gives an accurate portrayal of the procedure used for Vick to enter his plea agreement.

That's some pretty good news and comment. I'd put that record up against any other news source on the internet, including the AP, ESPN and CNNSI.

7 Responses:

"ben" said...

I am so taking Mike Vick with the first pick in the Virginia Penal Fantasy Football League.

Virginia many good opportunities with that one.

Benjamin said...

So, Jason, when are you going to forgo a career in law for a career in investigative reporting?

Dewey said...

Nice work on this one.

That said, the less I know about the legal system the better, because if I start knowing anything, I'm probably one step away from needing a lawyer.

And I don't want that.

Frankly, I'd rather spend $600 an hour on beer. And here on the west coast, the tab starts promptly at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

And that, my friends, is my awkward segue reminding y'all that watching sports on the west coast is better: 10:00 a.m. beer!

Seriously, though, great job.

michael said...

Word! I'll buy J-Red a 10am beer for that one.

Kevin Hayward said...

It just gets worse and worse for Mike Vick. My only question is, does he owe everyone another apology for each additional indictment that comes out?

Anonymous said...

I think the only thing that Mike Vick is sorry for is getting caught and having to refund all the money to his team. He really does come off as not giving a shit. Maybe he can start his own team in the brink and come up with a catchy name for it to boot. It is players like him that give other nfl players a bad name.

J-Red said...

It's the "brig" or "clink", not "brink", but I guess that's a good sign you never did time.

I think Vick does care. I think he liked being the host and being a large part of a subculture. I think he now realizes that it's more serious than he had thought. I'm sure he had no idea the Feds would come after him.

Dewey: I can't speak for Jeremy, but I only bill at $250/hr. That's the best reason you've given to move out west.

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