September 29, 2007

Terps Shock Scarlet Knights!

How about them Terps! We dominated both halves, and Chris Turner stepped up big to carry us to victory. We held Rutgers to less than 100 yds rushing, and held the ball for almost 14 more minutes than the Knights. Meanwhile, we put up 458 yds of total offense. This is a huge win for this season and for the program. This year, we're now 3-2, with all of the confidence we should have had after a good road win at WF. That debacle is now completely forgotten, and we enter the ACC schedule with confidence. For the program, after bottoming out two years ago, we've shown that was a fluke, and we can expect another winning season in the top half of the ACC.

As a note for the Rutgers students that wore shirts saying "Nobody Fears the Turtle," you wait until after the game to make fun of your opponent. You should have feared the turtles, they're the ones biting your undefeated record in the ass. How about that 0-2 record as a top ten team? Overrated? J-Red: "Do you fear the turtles now bitches?"

Three other top 10 teams also lost in the last 24 hours, two of them demonstrating that the "revenge" factor doesn't do much in college football. WVa and Texas lost for the second straight year to USF and K State, respectively. How embarassing for Mack Brown, losing by 20 at home in a game that you knew not to overlook? Fortunately, he won't hear about it as much as he might have because Oklahoma lost too. The Oklahoma loss wasn't a fluke either, as Colorado held the ball for about 38 minutes, dominating most of the game. Oklahoma only had one third down conversion most of the game.

Unfortunately for my picks, Ga Tech is apparently the exception to the revenge rule, winning their last 6 games against teams that beat them by 21+ the year before. Anybody questioning Cal after a gritty win at Oregon?

5 Responses:

Dewey said...

Cal is going to win it all this year... go Bears!

Russell said...

Add Florida to that list, with their second straight loss to Auburn! How about Tommy Tuberville, undefeated against teams ranked in the top 5? How incredible is that... And he's done it to Florida 3 times! Way to go Auburn!

That makes 5 losses in the top 10 and 7 in the top 13. My record of 3-4, with two correct underdog to win picks, doesn't look so bad. If only I could pick the bad games...

Russell said...

And by the way, even though lots of teams lost today, there are some great matchups next week. ESPN is calling it "Blockbuster Week". The Red River Shootout, Fla at LSU, Ohio St. at Purdue, UK at UGA (Thurs), Cinci at USF (yes, that's a big game), etc.

Anonymous said...

You guys always miss the boat...we all know the cream of all crops is USC, BABY!

"ben" said...

While I wouldn't count out USC by any means, is this really the week to crow? Struggling with Washington while Cal guts out a big win over Oregon or while LSU continues to cruise does not seem wise.

Anyhow, this is east coast bias, of course USC isn't getting pub here.

Or did you mean the University of South Carolina?

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