October 6, 2007

Radar Guns Juiced for the Playoffs?

It seems to me that the last couple years, the radar gun numbers have been outrageously high. Maybe it's just that the teams with hard throwers are the ones that make the playoffs, or the adrenaline has that much effect, but I've never seen so many guys throw 95+. When Jamie Moyer throws 90 tomorrow, for the first time in a decade, you'll know I'm right. MLB just wants us to be impressed.

The real reason for this post is to run the white flag up. I picked the Angels, Yankees, Phillies, and Cubs. Those teams are now 0-8. Hope no one took those picks to the bank, or their bookie.

As for Cleveland, anyone have any questions why Cleveland is known as "The Mistake by the Lake"? That horde of flies looked terrible, like a Fear Factor episode. Maybe that was the plague incurred by Lebron abdicating his throne by wearing a Yankees cap to the game yesterday. Until I see a picture of him from the mid-90's with Yankees stuff on, when the Indians were better than the Yankees, I'm calling him a bandwagon sell-out.

Props to Manny. Yet again he's showed why he's worth the money in the postseason, unlike a certain third baseman for the Yankees. Could any two players be more clutch than Manny and Big Papi? Go Tribe, or the NL.

4 Responses:

J-Red said...

I'm rich! I'm SOOOO RICH! I really bought an iPod Nano today (my first) and 250 songs, just because I did the right thing with Russell's picks. I went the other way.

Watch how well it works for me in the NFL picks this week.

Dewey said...

As long as the Red Sox don't win, I'm happy.

J-Red said...

Seriously, I have said it many times since Fever Pitch and Sweet Caroline and Cowboy Up and the Idiots completely ruined Boston's charm. I hate the Red Sox FAR more than the Yankees now.

If I see another vapid cun...I mean lady wearing a pink Red Sox hat, I'm going to kill her.

"ben" said...

Ever since the Sox won the World Series, they became unbelievably hateable. I stated before the playoffs I was rooting for the Yanks to get out of the AL, but when I actually watched the games with the Indians, I couldn't do it.

So while I still think I'd root for the Yanks over the Sox head-to-head, I guess I can't be sure.

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