October 2, 2007

Rockies Fail to Consult with O's

Anyone in Maryland, esp the Orioles, could have told Clint Hurdle not to bring in the atrocious Jorge Julio, the ex-closer. What part of the 0-7 in save opportunities did he not pay attention to? He is probably the worst pitcher on the whole team to bring in for that situation (Armando Benitez a close second for worst in clutch situations).

But I guess they got the pitcher they wanted. Trevor Hoffman has had a HOF career, but a changeup isn't as good when the fastball's only 84 mph. And that fastball was very straight.

PS. Holliday still hasn't touched the plate. The Padres got robbed, though Hoffman would probably have given up a few more.

Congratulations to the Rockies! What a stretch run.

2 Responses:

Jeremy said...

I loved watching Jorge Julio blow two games against the Nats this year when he was still a member of the Marlins. The Jorge Julio for Bumbling Kim trade will go down as one of the all-time crap-for-crap trades in MLB. I think I actually posted on that when it happened.

And yes, Matt Holliday (I BIG MAN, I BLEED FROM CHIN, BUT I NO TOUCH HOME PLATE) is the new Sid Bream.

Kevin Hayward said...

Jorge Julio is awful, but he's Dennis Eckersley compared to Blownitez.

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