November 5, 2007

A Cool Link...

Well to get us out of Monday Morning Quarterback mode for a brief few moments because there is plenty to discuss (the Redskins being the biggest paper tiger, fraudulent 5-win team in the league; my dad having the most ridiculous fantasy rookie luck ever drafting Tom Brady AND Adrian Peterson; Tom Brady being a ridiculous douchebag towards the end of the game yesterday), as a designated pop-culture blogger, I have a link that will undoubtedly make you take at least one look at:

The #1 Song on This Date in History

So apparently on the date that I was born a Diana Ross song that I've never heard of was #1. However, if I'd been born a year later, her duet with Lionel Richie that was prominently featured in Happy Gilmore ("Endless Love") would've been #1. And if you're wondering, "Ain't it Funny" by J-Lo and Ja Rule was #1 the date the Terps won the National Championship. Clearly I was spending way more time at Cole than at Cornerstone that time of year, because I haven't the foggiest fucking clue what song that is.

So enjoy.

3 Responses:

"ben" said...

Jeremy, you really are like the Tony Kornheiser of this blog. Your sports insight is questionable, and all your comments are about pop-culture.

And I missed Golden Boy, Tom Terrific's douche-like behavior yesterday, but whatever it was, I'm sure I would defend it.

J-Red said...

I didn't see any douche-like behavior. Post-game comments were a little snarky, but whatever.

My birth song is "Lady" by Kenny Rogers. Fitting that it would be a country singer, but it's not a country song. At least mine is a timeless love song, not "She Blinded Me With Science" or "Disco Duck".

J-Red said...

My Mom informs me that on the date of my conception, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen was the number one song.

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