November 6, 2007

Thank you, Ravens

... for not bothering to show up last night. I was worried that I would have to stay up really late watching the game. Instead I was able to go to sleep at halftime, confident that the game was over.

I think we can also safely say that Roethlisberger is back. Last season was an aberration, and he really is one of the best QBs in the league. He put on a clinic last night, showing why he's so good. There aren't many other quarterbacks who can slip out of a tackle, scramble out of the pocket, then throw a touchdown pass across his body.

As for the Ravens, bring on the Troy Smith era (I hope it's as successful as the Chris Redman era).

7 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Well the Redskins don't exactly have an easy road, but I feel pretty confident in my bet with the brother-in-law that the Redskins will have a better record than the Ravens at the end of the season. The Ravens have zero scoring offense at all. Either 31 or 32 out of 32 teams in red zone offense. Nicely done Brian Billick. You and Gregg Williams are truly offensive genuiuses.

"ben" said...

Will someone post a blog reacting to Ray's locker room comments that were on a constant loop on SportsCenter?

I hope he's overcome that whole murder trial thing because he is great, even if he is losing his mind.

Jeremy said...

I'll have to leave that to J-Red because a) it is his team, and; b) I only get five minutes of Sportscenter in the morning and somehow today I stumbled upon an interview with the Steelers LB who had all the turnovers and then Caps/Hurricanes hockey highlights. I have read something along the lines of how Ray-Ray has now thrown the team into civil war. At least we know who will be carrying the bayonet.

"ben" said...

Well, apparently Ray is excited because now everyone will be coming to Baltimore. That's my favorite part.

Seriously, I think he's a good leader and everything he said was fine, he just sounds like a crazy person.

J-Red said...

To paraphrase Mike Tomlin's postgame interview (yes, I subjected myself to THAT much torture last night), "Our resume is on tape."

Unlike the Steelers, that's not a good thing for a Ravens fan.

Anonymous said...

while you guys are licking your wounds, we here in the detroit area are basking in another lions win and better yet, kinta made it through a game without being sacked! amazing...who said there isn't a god.

"ben" said...

I will admit, the Lions are starting to impress me. Here's hoping there is a playoff game in Detroit.

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