June 5, 2008

Former Terp Wilcox Caught Carrying in NC

Now there are two gun-carrying criminals in the foreground. (Balt. Sun Photo)

ESPN is reporting that Chris Wilcox was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon in North Carolina over the weekend. Really, the only thing I can say is at least he wasn't brandishing it and popping off a few near the White House. Didn't he learn anything from Lonny's mistakes?

NEWS FLASH: You don't need a gun to be cool, especially when you're 6'11" and mega-rich. No one else is either of those things in Whiteville, NC (near Wilmington). If you think the white folks down South can't take it, move north or buy a dog. Is there really enough crime there that you need protection?

Maybe next offseason, Mouton will get arrested for having an illegal arsenal in NOLA. At least he would have a good excuse.

5 Responses:

Brien said...

This isn't DC, North Carolina has a concealed carry law. I don't understand why these athletes who need to carry handguns also feel the need to carry them illegally.

J-Red said...

My officemate is from the Wilmington, NC area. She definitely is not a threat to anyone's safety.

Great caption Russell.

Chico said...

It's all good Wilcox. Like the article said....you got the paper so protect it. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Holla at your boy.


Anonymous said...

Wilcox was stopped in Maryland several years ago for the same thing. Turns out he has a license and the weapon was registered. Do a little more research before blogging your Carolina Crap!

J-Red said...

Anonymous pussy:

First, we're all four Maryland alums.

Second, the post only says he was arrested, which is true.

Third, Brien pointed out that NC allows concealed carry. We can only post about what is reported at the time we post. What's your source for saying that he had a permit, because I can't find that anywhere.

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