June 7, 2008

30 Years and Counting - Big Brown Fails

I guess this wasn't the year. Not only did Big Brown fail in his bid to become the first Triple Crown in three decades, he finished dead last. Trainer Rick Dutrow said that Big Brown hadn't suffered any injuries, but he definitely didn't look good through the last third of the race.

At the beginning of the race, Big Brown looked to be in perfect position to make a run down the stretch the same way he did in the Preakness. Rounding the final turn, though, Da'Tara started to pull away and Big Brown fell back to the second pack. He didn't respond to jockey Kent Desormeaux when he asked for a final kick, so Desormeaux pulled Big Brown up and they cruised to a last place finish.
Unlike many horse racing fans, I think it's great that it's been 30 years since we've had a Triple Crown winner. Every year that goes by without a Triple Crown just adds to the mystique surrounding the races. It wouldn't be such an amazing accomplishment to win the Triple Crown if it happened every year.

On a side note, thanks ABC for refusing to show more than five seconds of Da'Tara, Alan Garcia, or Nick Zito after the race. You were essentially saying that the only story here was Big Brown losing, and that Da'Tara winning was a non-event. Great journalism there.

7 Responses:

J-Red said...

I saw something off about him out of the gate. Desormeaux described him as "keen" when the reporter asks if Big Brown was fighting him early. I saw his head jerking to the outside on every stride...usually an indication that a horse does not want to run. When he made it through the first slow half (48s+) I thought maybe he'd eased in, but apparently not.

El Angelo said...

The fact that we got nothing from Zito & Garcia after the race was disgraceful.

J-Red said...

To be clear, I think El Angelo is saying that it's disgraceful that ABC/ESPN failed to interview Zito and Garcia after winning a leg of the Triple Crown, and I agree that's very disrespectful.

Russell said...

I noted that Zito and Garcia looked pretty somber and contained after the race. I think they were concerned that Big Brown was injured, and they weren't getting the reports we were from Kent that the horse wasn't lame.

However, an interview certainly would have been nice. During the race live, Da'Tara wasn't even on screen the whole time because they were trying so hard to watch Big Brown. I think they decided ahead of time that Big Brown was the reason everyone was watching, and so he deserved all of the attention. Very poor.

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